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Saturday, December 17, 2011


"Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there's no place like home for the holidays - these delicious vampires can't wait for an invitation - and they don't care if you've been naughty or nice."

Authors: Anthology with Laurie London, Michele Hauf, Caridad Piñeiro and Alexis Morgan
Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: HQN (Harlequin)
Published: October, 2011
Form: E-book (review copy through NetGalley for an honest review)
Series: Includes "Sweetblood #2.5"
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Amazon: Buy / $7.99 (Paperback)
The Book Depository: Buy / €5.45 (paperback)
Harlequin: Buy / $6.39 (paperback)
Excerpt: Beginning of Enchanted by Blood

A Vampire for Christmas includes the novellas Enchanted by Blood, Monsters Don't Do Christmas, When Herald Angels Sing and All I Want for Christmas...

Enchanted by Blood / Laurie London
Charlotte is walking down the alley to her car after a night at the bar, when two men begin to follow her, before things get out of hand a man steps up and orders her to her car and takes care of the two men. For an unknown reason she does wait for him, even has coffee with him and invites him to her home where the two can’t fight the sexual tension between them and give in to a night of pure pleasure.

What Charlotte doesn’t know is that Trace is a vampire and one year ago they spend the most amazing few weeks together until Charlotte witnessed Trace’s cousin Sebastian as a vicious vampire and Trace was forced to erase her memory of him. But Trace is having second thoughts, not that he should as he’s about to become part of the Council, and they just don’t affair with humans. So what will it be? Charlotte or the Council? And just what is Sebastian doing back in Trace’s mansion?

Monsters Don’t Do Christmas / Michele Hauf
As Daniel gets his ass handed to him on a dark snowy alley, human woman breaks the fight and perhaps somewhat saves him from a grisly faith. Finding out he’s a vampire doesn’t seem to faze the woman and she invited him to her place to patch him up, and well what kind of guy says no when a gorgeous woman invited him to her place.

Olivia has a little secret from the vampire, even though human she views herself a bit of a monster herself, and as a kiss in her apartment leads to affair she’s afraid that what she does will keep him away from her after all how can a vampire date her when her world is populated by the paparazzi? And with Daniel view of himself as a monster can she show him that there more to him than Fangs and Blood?

When Herald Angels Sing / Caridad Piñeiro
In When Herald Angels Sing, a guardian angel is sent back to try and protect the soul of a troubled vampire. There is a battle going on between the Archangel Rafael and the devil who both want former sea captain Damian Winters for their side.

All I Want For Christmas / Alexis Morgan
Eagan is a cop, used to being undercover, being a vampire he's used to dealing with the paranormal threads, and when teenagers begin to disappear from the streets Eagan finds a small restaurant in the hot zone that's open all night at Christmas time, run by a cute woman who has bad taste in christmas t-shirt and her missfit family of clients.

Della is grateful of Eagan appearance just as she's about to get robbed, then he lingers around and she can't help but feel slightly drawn to the guy who seems to be out of money and looking to do some odd jobs for her for food. Then there's the night when she slices her palm open while cooking alone and it turns out Eagan's a vampire, but instead of feeding from her and killing her, he heals her and they can't seem to keep their hands to themselves after that.

Enchanted by Blood was great, it totally got me hooked on Laurie London’s style of writing, and I want to know what will happen to Jackson, I liked him a lot in this novella. Trace and Charlotte make a great couple, the fact that they once were a couple, but Trace making the cockup move of erasing her memories gives the story a nice additional pull. Would have liked bit more Christmas in it but it was Great on its own too!

 Monsters Don’t Do Christmas I loved! Delicious romance with tons of Christmas! Baking cookies, decorating christmas trees,slowly falling pristine snow and Christmas songs!
Daniel is newly changed vampire, only few years old and Olivia is a celebrity, if things were simple it just wouldn’t work between the two, but with them both hopelessly addicted to each other it’s a yummy mix of passion, temptation and forbidden attraction.
I love how Michelle Hauf writes!
I’ll definitely will be taking up her other books now!

When Herald Angels Sing I had to work through, for some odd reason I can't seem to get into the author's books, I think it's the language, something about it doesn't let me connect with the characters. Of course about a million people ( after all she's a New York Time Bestselling Author ) disagree with me. ;) So, this might be just the thing for you!

All I Want For Christmas I liked Eagan and Della's stories, it was missing the oomph factor though that the first two novella's had, but then it did have this sweetness about it and eventually did end with a bang! This is very Alexis Morgan, I remember feeling the same way reading the first Paladins novel. I liked Della a lot and her surrogate missfit family in the diner, and Eagan was the poster boy I'm not good enough for you boy. Really good read!

    "There was a whisper, then a shuffle of feet.
     She whipped her head around and surveyed her surroundings. Nothing but an empty sidewalk lined with colorful awnings, large potted plants and -
     A shadow on the ground outside the vintage clothing store she'd just passed looked a little odd. She narrowed her eyes. It definitely didn't match those cast by the plants in a nearby pot.      It seemed thicker. Like…a person.
     Was someone hiding behind one of the trees? Was…was someone following her? A cold lick of fear snaked down her spine, threatening to morph into panic.
     She walked away as fast as she could without running, her heels clicking efficiently. It was nothing, she told herself. These buildings were filled with apartments and condos above the ground floor. Probably just a tenant. At night, spooky things were easy to imagine. Besides, if she screamed right now, a zillion people would run to her aid.
     Thank God her car was near—she could see the bumper now.
     When she glanced back over her shoulder to reassure herself that it was just her crazy imagination, she almost choked. Two dark figures, less than twenty feet away, were coming straight toward her. Something dangled from one guy's hand. A rope?
     Dread settled over her like a wet blanket.
     Ignoring the pain in her wrist, she turned and ran. She pressed the remote on her key ring.      The taillights on her car blinked, the chirp chirp a friendly hello. She'd jump in and quickly lock her doors. Should she use the button on the door handle to lock it behind her or use the remote? Remote, she decided, as she sprinted into the parking lot.
     Wait. The panic button on her car alarm. She could hit that and—
     A large man stepped from the shadows between two cars and jerked at the tie around his neck.
     Arms flailing, she slid to a halt on the loose gravel.
     As he stormed straight at her, a roaring, rushing sound rang loudly in her ears. Oh, God, he was going to use it to tie her up. This had to be a setup."

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