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Friday, December 30, 2011


I founded For The Love of Reading on June 30th this year!

I wanted to finally review the books I've been reading because I felt this urge to talk about the books  I finished and as I wasn't part of any book club and my choice for book Historical Romance/Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy in english aren't popular with the people I hang out with so I decided to take it up online! This way I get to come out and say what I though of my most recent read and have some comment as well.

Here is my 1st Review online, ever! Dark Lover by J.R. Ward!
So far For The Love of Reading has seen the following action, according to Blogger Stats:
18243 pageviews - 295 posts351 followers!

What I wasn't expecting was the fun I was going to have with the Tours, how many great indie writers I was going to meet, of which few I count as friends now. :) I also fell in love with NetGalley and Harlequin combo and they loved me back with a free range on all their titles there!

1 year anniversary coming on June 30th in 2012!

Happy 6 month Anniversary Blog!

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