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Saturday, December 17, 2011


"Khantara is a Haanta conqueror, meant to wage war and rule over the enemy nation of Thellis, but after vanquishing Thellis and occupying a construction of a Haanta outpost, he meets Anelta, a woman enslaved by her own people bearing a brand of servitude on her neck."

Author: Michelle Franklin
Pages: 97 pages
Publisher: Red Willow Publishing
Published: September, 2011
Form: E-book (review copy through the tour for an honest review)
Series: Haanta Series Novel; Khantara #1
Genre: Fantasy
Amazon: Buy / $5.74 (Kindle)
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $2.99 (Nook)
Excerpt: from Chapter 4

As Thellis attacks the Haanta people, they are left to meet their assult by conquring the coast line city and set up their own settlement. Khantara their highly decorated commander has always had a kind and quiet nature where other Haanta men battle with their rage, their curse, he desires to understand the Thellissian people and when one evening he sees a woman scorned by her husband he end talking to her and finds out that she's a Marked, a slave with very few rights and even more obligations.

Khantara can't get her out of his mind, her abusive keeper, her frigthtened nature and her kindness and innocent joy. He decides it's his obligation having witnessed her blight to help her, but how?

I really, truly, enjoyed this novel! The language and the way it's written is beautiful and poetic, I loved reading this book for the simple pleasure of reading the writing.

The plot was interesting, and definitely shed light on the history of the Haanta people, their customs and their habits, which I found very interesting. And true to the Fantasy genre this novel was colored with Haanta's original words, and they were beautiful, reminiscent of quenya ( Tolkien's elvish ) in its smooth and solid phrasing. Loved it! The conqueror becomes involved in the life of a slave, and ends up feeling more for her than just his duty, even if he would like to deny there is more to his actions than kindness.

Anelta was a beautiful character, not a victim even living as suppressed as she does, she has inner strength and innocence that was so easy to read - you can't help but like her.
Khantara, a nine foot tall giant, gentle, caring, efficient and plenty scary when he wants to be was a joy to read! I've never met a giant before and I have to tell you I'm quite smitten. ;) I think I have to go buy the first book in the Haanta series! Because I absolutely loved the world created by Michelle Franklin! It's old fashion, entail brute strength, gentleness, weaknesses and determination - wow, loved it!

The supporting cast was great as well, I loved the three warriors who Khantara teaches but I also loved the birds who Khantara could communicate with! ( Learn more about one especially funny bird incident on the Interview below! )

Of course this is Vol. 1 and now I have to wait until Vol. 2 to see how Anelta takes to living in the Haanta settlement and if their romance blossoms in to something more than a kiss, look and embrace!
Rating : 

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Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Michelle! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Michelle Franklin : I am am award-winning fantasy and romance author who writes six to ten-thousand words a day, loves classic literature and chocolate.

Niina : Now can you tell us a little about Khantara?

Michelle : Khantara is a conqueror and the father of the Den Asaan Rautu. Though he was bred for war, he ends up falling in love with one of the conquered. In consequence of his love with Anelta, the Thellisian slave, Khantara then decides to free her and begins to devise a way to free all Thellisian slaves without starting war.
Niina : Khantara tells the story of the Den Asaan Rautu's mother and father, but can you tell us about the Haanta series?

Michelle : The Haanta series is a blend of high fantasy and literary romance. It begins with the meeting of the commander and Den Asaan. They ally their two nations and share a relationship that is condemned by his people, which leads to the ultimate saving of both their nations. The series is about thirty books long, six of which are already published by Red Willow Press. It follows more humourous and romantic fantasy and spans across the world of the Two Continents.

Niina : So, how much fun is it create a whole new world?

Michelle : I'm not really creating it so much as I am visiting it. I learn about the world as the reader does, I just happen to spend about ten to sixteen hours a day there. I'm just thankful that they allow me to see as much of their world as they do.
Niina : What chapter of Khantara did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Michelle : I think the Bird's Eye View chapter, only because I enjoy seeing the world how Khantara's wren sees it. He thinks everyone is a tree, and I find that rather amusing.
Niina : Now, what is your writing style? Do you follow from beginning to end or write a chapter here and one there?

Michelle : I write in story arcs. An arc is usually one volume, and once I finish it, I return to the beginning to add anything I've left out.
Niina : So, why did you pick Fantasy genre?

Michelle : It's always been fantasy with me. My mind doesn't go anywhere else.

Niina : Now little more mundane questions… What's a typical day like for you?

Michelle : That is mundane indeed. My day is rather boring to most: I write from the moment I wake up. I take a walk for two hours when my eyes are tired, and then I come back to the computer to continue writing for the rest of the day.

Niina : Before we finish her are some Quick Fire Questions!

Cats or dogs? Cats.
Beach or forest? Forest.
Night or day? Night.
Bad boys or good cops? Both.
Brunettes or Blonds? Redheads.
Vampires or werewolves? Giants.
Romance or erotica? Whips and ropes.
Men: Alpha-male or submissive? Master.
Male POV or female POV? Both.
Pick-up or Mini-van? Feet.
Beer or Wine? Coffee.
Coffee or tea? Tea.
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? The answer is always dark chocolate. 
Cake or Donuts? I think you mean to say 'and'.
TV or DVD? Neither.
Halloween or Midsummer? I will dress-up for both.
Times New Roman or Courier? Calibri.
Crayons or markers? Pencils.
Pens or pencils?  Keyboard.
Books or e-books? Hardback. I'm a purist.
Kids or pets? Some would argue they are the same.
Niina : I like Calibri too! ;) Thank you for stopping by Michelle, this was fun!

Michelle : Thanks for having me! Enjoy the Haanta Series!

Michelle Franklin is a woman of moderate consequence who writes many books about giants, romance and chocolate.

I am a small woman of moderate consequence who writes many, many epic fantasy books involving giants, romance, and chocolate. I'm a rather boring woman in life, but that only gives me permission to be more interesting on the page. I'm meant to be read and not seen anyway. I am also excessively sarcastic, but never serious, and I do my utmost to be as quiet and polite as possible when being forced to leave the commons. I adore people, but am not fond of the public. Such is an author's burden: to be a hermit and a crone, blessed with all the joys of unquietness.

Twitter: @MrsDenAsaan

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