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Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's now time to announce the winner of the Moonlight Rises Giveaway!

The winner is won Moonlight Rises, here is little about it!
“Life sucks. Then you die. Or, if you’re Dick Moonlight, first you die and then you live.”

Richard Moonlight, a former Albany Police Department detective turned private investigator is in bit of pickle, he’s dead, yes the sort out of body, floating in the ceiling dead. Watching his girlfriend by his deathbed, it’s all good he supposes until Some Young Guy comes and grabs her ass. So when he comes back to his body, Lola has some explaining to do, except more pressing matter take hold, first who were the three Obama-masked thugs with voice synthesizers who beat the living shit out of him, and what does that have to do with Paul Czech, his new wheelchair ridden nuclear submarine engineer? It’s not easy being Dick right now.
I absolutely loved this book! Hooks you from the first sentence. Zandri writes like a friggin’ genius! I haven’t met a male character like this ever, Moonlight’s tough, but vulnerable having tempted suicide once, he’s a ballbuster, wise-ass and a smart-ass all in one wise-cracking package, described with "You fell off the tree of f'd-up-weird and slammed every branch on the way down." in the first book, Moonlight Falls. ~From my Review

The winner was picked with help of Rafflecopter and among the participants who gave their email addresses at the Giveaway entry HERE.

... now...

The Winner is...

Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter Books!

Thank you to Bewicthing Book Tours, Vincent Zandri and his publisher Stone Gate Ink!

Personal e-mail has been sent!

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