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Monday, October 3, 2011


Author: Cat Johnson
Pages: 186 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Published: November, 2009
Form: E-book
Series: Studs in Spurs #1
Genre: Erotic Romance/Modern Western
Amazon: Buy / $4.59 Kindle
Book Depository: Buy /€9.63 Paperback

Whoa Boy! I'm seriously blushing writing this, talk about hot ménage à trois! I have never felt drawn to read a romance or erotic romance with more than two participants in the bedroom ( in the story mind you! ) but somehow as I wanted to read a modern western I saw this book pop-up on Goodreads. Got my hands on it and was bit surprised as the two bull riders catch a girl off the audience and um... go at it. That's not the story however ( just Chapter 1 ) but it just shocked me a little... now to the story!

Slade Bower and Mustang Jackson are pro bull riders, best friends since the beginning, life is pretty good, new town, new girls, every night, and the girls don't mind taking two cowboys to bed at the same time. Though Slade is starting to get jaded and doesn't see the fun where there used to be a lot.

Queue in Jenna a romance novel writer getting her wrist slapped for not coming up with a book trendy enough, and as she refused to write about space vampire pirates she goes for the easier choice cowboys, of which she knows nothing about. Luckily it just happens that her author's conference in Tulsa also hosts A Bull Riding Championship and its pretty much Kismet!

Jenna finds Slade and Mustang after 'the show' and persuades them to help her with her facts and learning what being a cowboy is like - little does she know Slade and Mustang have others things in mind for the night, mainly bedding Jenna. But Jenna's not a groupie and the cowboys need to change tactics to get her in the game.

This story could have easily been an exploitation of the female character but it sure steered well away from that, so well that I would actually call this a sweet story! whjat?! Yeah you heard me, a sweet threesome story. You can tell Slade starting to fall for her right away, and Mustang is just so damn charming, there is no way any girl can resist that guy, and the two have the most entertaining bantering dialog. Jenna is fun, and not at all naive, like you might expect for a girl who gives into two guys.

Now let's get to the sex - Whoa! Now I've never read threesome scenes before but, damn! I've been missing out! Slade, Jenna and Mustang make quite the team! It's page sizzling hot, slow, steady, rough kinda ride. And it doesn't help that theres ma'ams and darlin's thrown in the mix to cause heart palpitations on unsuspecting readers...

I especially loved the end - this story needed a happy ending and it got one.

And - Yes, incase you are wondering I have Bucked and Ride waiting to be read as well now! It doesn't get much better than this!
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