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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Few days ago I received my second Award, it is always fun to know another blogger though about my little blog when deciding who to pass this to - warms one's heart :) - and now it's time to share!

There are a few things to do after accepting this Award, and here they are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me
2. Share seven random facts about myself
3. Pass the award on to five blogger friends
4. Contact and Congratulate the nominated blogs

1. I want to thank the always great Life Between Pages blogger Sophie. Thank you for thinking of me!

2. Now SEVEN random facts about me - be prepared!

  • In the morning if I feel like I'm about to dose off on my way to work I say "wakey-wakey" to myself in my mind and actually feel more awake... 
  • I luve men in army/navy uniforms... *sigh*
  • I enjoy watching others play TombRaider-ish games...
  • I don't drink, do drugs or eat meat and my favourite color is purple...
  • I think the sexiest part in a man is his shoulders, if he has wide shoulders - I sold...
  • I'm under the illusion I could kick-ass if necessacery... ridiculous I know...
  • I blush when people wink at me... other than that I do not blush...

Now for the five blogs that I'd love to pass this award on to:

- Alaskan Book Cafe
- Colleen @ Les Livres
- Mesa @ The Sagacity Quest
- Rockee @ Rockee&Musik&Reads
- Amber @ The Musings of ALMYBNENR

All done!

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