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Friday, October 21, 2011


"A man married to the law, his heart secretly yearns for the Magnolia’s headmistress, a soiled dove forbidden to him and his perfect reputation, until he saves her life from a ruthless gunman and injured, winds up convalescing in her bed."

Author: Amanda McIntyre
Pages: 220 pages
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: September, 2011
Form: E-book (provided by the publisher for an honest review)
Series: Tales of The Sweet Magnolia #1
Genre: Time-travel / Historical Romance
Decadent Publishing: Buy / $4.99 (e-book)
Amazon: Buy / $10.07 (paperback)
Excerpt: Lil and Jake's First meeting

Lillian is bit obsessed with the wild west, the cowboys and the lifestyle, but as it stands she's a librarian, and one night the janitor finds a wooden box with a necklace inside it, Lil takes it home with her enchanted by the engravings on the jewelry box. She plans to find its owner after the weekend - but she can't help but to try it on.

She wakes up 130 years in the past as the madam of a Sweet Magnolia, a bar, gambling joint and bordello, with a tall, dark and handsome sheriff banging on her bedroom door.

What is she supposed to think and do when she cannot get home and Jake, the sheriff and preacher's son seems to be more than just smitten with her? Which one becomes a dream and which reality when there is no way out of the Wild West and perhaps no desire to leave...
What the Sam hell does ‘hold my horses’ mean?” His words clipped short as his gaze dropped to where her hands clutched the robe over her breasts.

Push-up bra notwithstanding, Lil wrestled with having the formidable stranger staring openly at her cleavage and the fact that she rather liked it. She’d never seen before the combination of arousal and nervousness etched on a man’s face—in her presence, at any rate. “May I help you?” It seemed like a reasonable question.

“Lil—uh—Lilly—Miss Lillian” He shook his head as though assembling his tongue back to its proper function. “My apologies ma’am, for disturbing you, but what I came here to say can’t wait.” He planted his hands on his lean hips, setting his jaw firm. He peered at her with eyes that sparkled dark as a cool desert night. His dusty black Stetson sat low on his forehead, making his eyes even more menacing.

I really liked this book, I wanted to read something a little different, but still stay true to my love of Paranormal (time-travel), Cowboys (old west) and romance (there sure was some!) and this sure fit the bill well!

I loved the idea of a librarian obsessed by the old west gets sucked into 130 years back to a small town and she makes her life there is a madam of a bordello. Have to say I've never crossed paths with anything like this before, and it was a joy to read!

I liked Lil and loved Jake, of course who wouldn't, a rugged, tall, dark and handsome sheriff who goes against everything his preacher father tried to teach him and follows his heart to Lil time after time, against "better judgments" of the towns people.

This will be a good read for historical romance lovers, and those of us who enjoy time-travel with erotic romance flair! Definately worth reading!

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