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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


8 SECOND RIDE - Studs in Spurs Series, Contemporary Cowboys short story (9 pages) - Cat Johnson

This made me laugh! It started out interesting as Chase follows a sexy older woman back to her place after his latest run in the Pro Bull Riding tournament, then the story takes a real nose dive that was hilarious! Could not help but burst out laughing! Its just what one wants from a short story like this. Little naughty and hilarious... Gives you a great idea of how Johnson writes and gets you interested in her Studs in Spurs series.
 This is after few months after Unridden ( Book 1 of Studs in Spurs - see my review of it HERE ) and 2nd book Bucked, doesn't spoiler anything for the two books though.

This is still erotic romance so be prepared for some action.

You can get this free at the author's website:

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FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - Contemporary Erotic Romance short story (40 pages) - Cat Johnson

Meg and Jeff have been friends since early school days, one movie night years later results in a "friend with benefits" deal. But now Jeff confesses he slept with someone else and Meg is borbarded with jealousy, which leads to her examining her feelings for Jeff. Predictable Jeff has changed, and she's afraid the change ( even though for better ) is due to him sleeping with another woman. Is there any chance Jeff might feel more for her as well or is it too late.

Includes some pretty darn hot 'not your garden variety' sex - beware! ;)

This is another free read from the author:

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