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Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's now time to announce the 5 winners of the Caressed by Moonlight Giveaway!

1814. Victoria and her little sister Margaret arrive in London after their mother died of illness and their father took his own life after losing his wife. They are homeless and penniless, and in the mercy of their Aunt who despises Victoria and her mother - which is why she has her own terms for their stay, Margaret will stay with her and Victoria has one month to find a husband before she is kicked out of her aunt's home. If these terms are not met Victoria will never see her sister again. Assigning her friends help she enters the balls of London society to snare a wealthy man with a title to keep her sister with her and manage to provide for them.

In the London society Dorian Vlakhos is known as the Prince, but he is not a womanizing aristocrat that his reputation paints him as, but a Vampire King, and he has his eyes set on the stunningly gorgeous Victoria, who is doing her very best to avoid the scandal that follows Prince Vlakhos and gain a respectable marriage, and rights to her sister. She cannot afford to fall for Prince Vlakhos, which is why as much frustration and anger as he makes her feel she is doomed by the other feelings he stirs within her. One sweet stolen kiss though makes it clear to Victoria she cannot spend any more time with the Prince and his openly forward courting her into his bed.

Not all is well back home with Dorian's Clan and hate and war spills even to the streets of London and now that Dorian's attention is on Victoria - so is the Hunter's. ~ from my review

The winner was picked with help of among the participants at the Interview/Giveaway entry HERE.


The Winners are...

#1 Christina at AlaskanBookCafe
#6 Clara at The Library Page
#8 Brenna at Alice At The Moon
#3 Heather
#7  Mflick1

Personal e-mails are away!

 Thank you Amanda J. Greene for giving a way a copy of your amazing book!
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