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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm beginning to gather quite the list of books to read! I think I'm pretty much booked for September!

I've recently won books in three giveaways! ( which is shocking cause I normally don't win at anything, maybe it's meant to be?!

and I have e-books galore for Read & Review ( honest reviews for review copies, mind you. ;) )


30.8 - 2.9.2011 Where Demons Fear to Tread (paranormal romance)
3.9 - 4.9. 2011 Lord of the Vampires (paranormal romance)
3.9 - 4.9. 2011 A Rose For Raymonde (memoir)
3.9 - ??.9. 2011 Frost Moon (urban fantasy
4.9 - ??.9. 2011Deceiving the Protector (paranormal romance)
Blood Rock (urban fantasy)
Broken (science fiction/ urban fantasy)
My Sweet Saga (contemporary lit/comedy)
Seducing the Beast (historical romance)
Howl (paranormal romance)
Serenade (historical romance yay! pirates!)
Arctic Winds (paranormal romance)
Nephilim (urban fantasy)
Seduced by her Highland Warrior (historical romance)
Ecstacy Untamed (paranormal romance)
The Champion (historical romance)
And that's not mentioning the hard copies on my desk... so yeah I'm all set for a while! Though with my speed it could only take a month. ;)

Plus have some Tours to do in October-November. :)
And think I was just reading and reviewing books I came across in July, I loving growing with my Blog.

Talking about growing! I've recently added Advertisement Spots to my blog, if you are interested in showcasing your book for a month visit my Review Policy / Contact Me / Advertisement page!

That's what is going down in September!

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