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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Author: Wade H. Foy
Pages: 160 pages
Publisher: Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
Published: July 15th, 2011
Form: E-Book (review copy)
Genre: Memoir/ True Love Story
Amazon: Buy

"Here, then, I offer the account of a pair of life streams that merged: my own and that of Miss Raymonde van Laar, the beautiful and courageous lady I married, and who is my great true love." So begins A Rose for Raymonde, the true story of a young Swiss nurse who immigrated to the United States and found love with a U.S. Navy Reserve officer in 1950's New York. Complete with photographs and personal letters, this book chronicles their lives before their paths crossed, and after. When they met, Wade was an Annapolis and North Carolina State College graduate preparing for active duty in the Navy Reserve; Raymonde had grown up in Switzerland and France and endured the fear and privations of German occupation during World War II. The two fell in love, married and built a life together, riding out the 20th century in pursuit of their own version of the American dream. Written by Raymonde's husband of fifty-five years, A Rose for Raymonde is a tribute, a history and a love story of the sweetest, simplest kind. It's a heartening reminder that true love is out there and that, once found, it can last a lifetime and longer."

You can’t help but like Wade immediately, he writes in a way that makes a pleasant voice inside one’s head and you feel like you are listening to a really good story right away.

I fell in love with their story the moment they met which had me giggling, poor cat and all, but it was sweet, and I couldn’t help but to smile. Few days after they meet under the roof of their friend’s house and one date later Wade reports on duty on one of Navy’s ships, and when not on duty he courts Raymonde, who arrived to US after II World War over the Atlantic from Switzerland. And the courting leads to a kiss, which leads to marriage proposal and a – yes. The USS Pursuit leaves for its winter cruise and the two write to each other every other day, promising to marry as soon as Wade returns.

Finally May comes and Pursuit returns to the dock and the couple if finally married! And they can start building a life together. After short honeymoon they return to New York and finally get to start living together and become a married couple.

Lovely letters change hands as Wade takes more cruises with the Navy, and they are joy to read, you can feel the love shine on the pages.

I normally read romances but it was so wonderful to read a real romance story, it warms the heart to read about real true love, not just the passion and the emotions but the Love, where you are tied to a person for the rest of your life with more than romantic love. I enjoyed reading this as that’s what I have with my husband, the connection, more than just passionate feelings. And this story gives hope for everyone that when you find your match, that’s it, no one else.

Also this book is wonderful peak into the 30’s through 60’s, to the way people interacted, the way the world was, the difference in how people spoke and wrote – for me having lived my life through 80’s and up it’s like a gilded image, but this book blows some life into the image.

And you’ll have some good chuckles and giggles as you read! Wade writes wonderfully, it almost cannot be explained you just have to read it to know what I mean, it’s best described as old gentleman like glamour.

What I enjoyed the most were the letters and pictures shared!

Heartfelt and wonderfully sweet true love story, it warms the heart and gives power to true love. Just as a good story is supposed to!

Music : “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & “You Belong To Me” by Jo Stafford

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