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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Author: Gena Showalter
Pages: 281 pages
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: August 23rd, 2011
Form: E-book (review copy through netgalley)
Series: Royal House of Shadows #1
Amazon: Buy
Adlibris: Buy

281 pages of addicting action! Be it action or action, if you catch my drift. Yes, I'm saying this book has some serious sexual tension and which makes for hot scenes later on, not for prudes trust me. So, let's get into the story!

Nicolai has been held captive in the castle of Queen of Hearts, used as a slave by the queen's daughters, he has no memory but a sense of vengeance like no other, he has to kill someone but who? What little he knows is he's a vampire and someone is blocking him from using magic to free himself. But as he finds himself able to tap into little magic he summons help.

In the normal world Jane is recovering from a car accident, just having learned to walk again her life is constructed of mourning the loss of her family and keeping up the sad routine of her life when a book waits on the footsteps of her cabin as she comes home one day, unable to stop reading it she dreams of the man in the book, Nicolai. Falling asleep in her bed, she wakes up in a castle being called a princess.

Luckily Jane isn't a dumb girl, when she used to work, before the accident, she studies fringe science, quantum physics, so teleportation and dimensional travel aren't foreign concepts - but that said experiencing it is different! Having a cool analytical head on her shoulders saves her from panic and a hissy fit, and soon she discovers that the book she read before falling asleep is now her reality, and coming face-to-face with Nicolai awakes desires she never knew existed before this. And having Nicolai practically hunt and stalk her makes her knees wobble. But then again there is the trouble of a different dimension and the fact that Nicolai is chained and held captive with no memory of who he is. What can Jane do?

Oh I loved this book! I'm fully addicted and must immediately get my paws on the following 3 books!

Nicolai is wonderful, just the kind of hero you want, an insanely powerful vampire bound from his magic, tall, strong and deeply obsessed with having his heroine no matter what. That type of lust and graving is just Delicious to read! Jane is damaged and doesn't think too highly of herself until Nicolai shows her just how much there is still to appreciate even if you have a scarred body and your just too thin after your hospital stay.
You want these two to make it through their trouble and be together forever... you root for them from the first chapter on.

There were parts that had me giggling, little embarrassed but somehow it worked - Nicolai when his scary temper flares turns to a beast, not civilized at all, and the way he speak become very clipped - almost as if he doesn't realize what comes out of his mouth and his thoughts are just blurted out. It's almost like his emotions become too much to handle and he looses his ability to be eloguent. Heh! It's actually fun to read! (see the quote above and below)

    He snarled a sound of pure menace, his scary animal nature racing back to the forefront. "Mine." He stopped just in front of them, daring them to act.

This was so good I want to go and read it again even though I just finished it! ;)

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