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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Author: Pamela Palmer
Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon
Published: October 25th, 2011
Form: E-book (review copy through NetGalley)
Series: Feral Warriors #6
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Amazon: Buy / $7.99 (pre-order)
Book Depository: Buy / €5.97 (pre-order)
Adlibris: Buy / €7.60 (pre-order)

I am shocked how much I loved this book! Not having read any of the earlier books I was afraid I'd be bit clueless but I wasn't, perhaps I picked the perfect book to join the series, as it seems everything was explained for a first timer without breaking the story at all.

Hawke is captured in The Spirit Trap, which sole purpose is to tear the Animal Spirit from its holder. Tighe and Hawke are released just before their animal spirits are separated from them, but Hawke's return to the his Feral brothers and the Feral House isn't a happy reunion, something is badly wrong, his control of his Hawk Spirit slipping away from him, which makes him a dangerous man to be around as any frustration or anger triggers his change into Feral form (claws and fangs come out).

Faith meets Maxim in Warsaw and follows him to the Feral House as one of the Nine Feral's, the Fox, has died and his animal spirit now inhabits Maxim, she follows him because she feels an unexplainable pull to Maxim knowing she is his. Except Maxim is arrogant and snobbish not anything that Faith normally goes for. And Maxim is nothing like Hawke, when she first meets him the attraction is too tempting and way too strong to ignore... for either of them.

But the trouble is as attracted as Hawke and Faith are to each other, she's Maxim's, no matter what asshole he proves to be, which grates on the should-be-lovers. But that's not all, the Mages are brewing a demonic plan to take down the Feral Brothers to release the Daemons, and their secret weapon has already infiltrated to House.

This story doesn't let go, it keeps grapping you after every solution with another problem until you notice you've been reading for nine hours and you're done... what happened!? I usually can't read on the computer for longer than 3 to 4 hours, but I sat and read like a good girl for 9 hours straight, taking only one break to go to the library. ( you needen't worry I did feed myself along the way )

Palmer writes in a way that never lets you wander off the pages, when one problem gets fixed another rises and you just can't stop reading wither it's pining for a warrior, keeping secrets or all hell breaking loose! There isn't a dull moment in Ecstasy Untamed! You won't be bored at any point.

This book is seriously addictive! I find myself itching to get the 5 previous books, like right away.

Rating :

P.S: I listened to Robert Rudolph and The Family Band's album "Colorblind" all through out the book and it fit is so good! Sneak peek here with "Ain't Nothing wrong with it" & "Deliver me" it fits the slightly dark and gritty, passionate feel of the book with a funky soul rock beats.
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