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Thursday, July 4, 2013


"Wynne Carter’s one-night-stand with Hollywood bad boy Derek Shaw resulted in life-changing consequences in the form of her precious daughter. Years later, she isn’t prepared to face him or his questions when he returns to her small town seeking answers.

With his acting career on hiatus thanks to his wild past, discovering he has a daughter is reason enough for Derek to stick around. Spending timing with her mom isn’t too shabby either, and soon he can’t keep Wynne or her long legs off his mind.

 Wynne knows a man like Derek is made for sin, not happily-ever-afters, but resisting him proves pretty darn impossible. For a while, it looks as if the unlikely pairing of the single mom and the heartthrob might make it after all. Until Hollywood wants its leading man back, and their new relationship threatens to fall apart forever."


Interviewer : Welcome! Glad you could make it Derek! So a small town, what made you abandon LA?

DS : You know, I’ve really realigned my priorities in the last year. I just needed to slow down, have a change of pace. LA is a rough city, and it can swallow you whole if you let it. Sometimes, being under the radar isn’t a bad thing.

I : I've heard rumors of you shooting a film here, visiting family or maybe secret lover, any truth to those?

DS : There’s always a bit of truth in rumors. I’m here for personal reasons. Let’s just say I have a lot of unfinished business in this town.

I : Okay to the main reason you're here today! To connect with your fans at, I have some questions here from your fans, things they wanna know about their favorite actor, ready?

DS : Ready as I’ll ever be.

I : Here we go!

Snuggles82 : What's your favorite Disney princess and why? ( I luv U! )

DS : I can’t say I’ve ever given that question much thought before, but my daughter’s favorite princess is Ariel, and I’m sold on anything she loves. Of course, you might also say I’m a fan of redheads.

HomieRoo : Wildest thing you did as a teenager?

DS : I stole my foster parents’ car and went on a road trip with my best friend Logan. The police ended up catching us on the New Jersey turnpike. It was the closest I’ve come to being thrown in jail, but luckily the officer that chased us down had a soft spot for awkward foster kids.

RubyMay : Did you have pets growing up? I have ponies and pigs, and chickens and goats! <3

DS : Sounds like you’re starting a zoo there. A few of my foster homes had pets, but I never wound up staying anywhere long enough to bond. I’d love to have a dog one day.

69Lays : What do you think is the sexiest part on a woman?

DS : I’m a leg man. I love a woman with long, endless legs.

DollyCoors : What's your favorite guilty pleasure? ( you're mine? ;) )

DS : Thanks, I think. My favorite guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Believe it or not, I’ve even been known to bake them.

OdeToDS : Do you wanna have kids one day? Get married? Or single forever?

DS : I recently found out I’m a dad, and I’ve got to say I love every minute of it. As for getting married, if the right woman is willing, I’m not afraid to jump in.

BabeMaggie : What's your best pick up chicks tip?

DS : Always appreciate a woman. If she’s got great hair, a cute smile, adorable glasses—whatever it is, let her know.

BabeMaggie : Favorite sexual position?

DS : I’m a man. Who can pick just one?

Interviewer : Okay, better call it quits before we get any racier questions! LOL! Thanks Derek for taking time to connect with your fans online at, we wish you the best and hope you turn to Hollywood in no time. ;)

DS : Thanks for having me. It’s been a blast.


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