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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The Bite of Ménage: Why we love it
by Cari Quinn

       Thanks so much to For The Love of Reading today for having me! Such a gorgeous site. I can tell I’m going to love exploring here! :) I hope you enjoy my post—and there are prizes too, so please keep reading!

       Today I’m going to talk about menage and why it’s so popular. As a writer, I know I enjoy writing threesomes for several reasons. First, they’re hot. I mean, come on, what woman wouldn't love to have two gorgeous, alpha males catering to their every whim sexually? It’s a fantasy for a lot of women for a very good reason. Not only is the idea sexy, it also is such a challenge to write. Both men (or women, depending on your threesome) have to have their own distinct, recognizable personality quirks that reveal themselves in the bedroom too. Not only do you have to make sure all the body parts are doing what they’re supposed to, you also have to make sure it’s clear who is doing what and why. Let’s just say I totally understand those authors who whip out their Barbie dolls to make sure all the positions make sense! Though I’m working on getting a couple of real life research partners – *cough, cough* – ha ha, I wish!

       Another reason I think menage is popular is the complex relationships that come into play when you have three people in a bed instead of two. There are such unique dynamics when you add another person that every sex act takes on a whole new dimension. I love going deeper emotionally as well as physically with my characters.

       In Love Bites, the guys may be vampires, but trust me, Kellan and Lucas are also men through-and-through. And Sydney, their chosen lady for a night—or more—is very lucky to be the third spoke of their trio. Assuming she survives the pleasure from their attention…

       Curious to find out more? Here’s Love Bites blurb and a short excerpt, then read on for a fun giveaway!

"Vampire Kellan Barstow is tired of watching his best friend Lucas Phillips pine after his one true mate. Though he’s jealous that Lucas found his before he found his own, he wants him to be happy and hopes to spur him on to make a move toward his chosen human, librarian Emily Yost. But Kellan’s sick of Lucas's moping and decides one thing will convince Luke he needs to act. 

Sleeping with another woman.

Except when Kellan and Lucas sleep with Sydney, a woman Kellan has flirted with for weeks, things quickly spiral out of control. Because Sydney may be more than merely a woman, and Kellan’s feelings for her soon go way beyond desire. Before long, Kellan and Sydney and Emily and Lucas are caught in a dangerous web of lust and love. And this love may do more than bite—it might end them all. "

“Our car broke down.” Lucas motioned vaguely over his shoulder. “Over there. Engine overheated.”

“Don’t have Triple-A?”


“What kind of car is it?”

“A Mercedes.”

Sydney cocked an eyebrow as Kellan released her and directed a murderous look at his companion. “Wow. Didn’t think those puppies broke down too often.”

“Bad luck.” Kellan smiled, flashing his teeth. “Until you came along, that is. So what do you say? Up for a ride?”

“Depends. Where you guys headed?”

“There’s only one place I want to be right now.” Kellan leaned forward and braced his hands on her car window. As his stomach muscles rippled underneath his wet T-shirt, her thoughts flatlined. “Inside you.”
She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. Her belly clenched when Kellan’s gaze openly followed the move. “Looks like it’s your lucky day, boys, because I love giving rides. But if we’re doing this, I insist on a hell of a lot more than just one.”

Kellan’s eyes never left hers. “Count on it.”

“You’re of age?” Lucas asked.

The phrasing struck her as odd, but she nodded. “Twenty-nine. Both of you?”

Kellan merely smiled, again showing off a mouthful of blinding white teeth much like Lucas’s. There was something almost feral about them, as if they were blades poised to strike. But rather than concern her, the thought only turned her on more.

“We’re above the age of consent, yes.”

“Then let’s go.” She hit the button to unlock her doors. They opened with a deafening click. “You,” she murmured to Kellan, “can sit up front with me.”

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