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Monday, July 8, 2013


Those who know me know I'm a Sci-fi and Fantasy nerd - those who don't, I'm a Sci-fi and Fantasy nerd. ;) 

I spent two days last weekend in Finncon which is Europe's biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention! It was the first time I've gone to one of these, as I didn't know they had 'em, my sisters clued me in and we spend the fun weekend going to the Panels and Lectures, and checking out the cool Cosplays ( costumes of characters ) - and I'm telling this story now with photos. ;)

 Arriving to Finncon - Ghostbusters

Peace with Velocity raptor ;) Got some gear. 

Panel on "The Four Adaptations of the Consulting Detective". 

What could this blue box be? 

We found Balin! 

And Thorin!

 "Queer, Queerer, X-Men" a Lecture about the gay allegories in X-Men series, so so funny and so witty!

 Yes, The blue box as TARDIS! I took so many pics it's embarrasing. ;)

Fans enjoying The X-Men lecture. 

I just wanted to follow these guys everywhere! Who you gonna call? 

 Ghostbusters! Oh, and Uhura.

Raptor and trainer kept everyone happy outside. 

So what was the whole X-Men Trilogy about? Shirtless Hugh Jackman. ;) 

The Doctor Who Meet! Can you spot me? 

More awwww dino! 

Sherlock Holmes panelists - got a lot of love. 

The Bimbo Panel, showed clips, vids and talked smack about popular culture and sci-fi! Great fun! 

My sis and I before the Tardis, before I found my Dalek shirt. ;) 

 It's gonna eat me! Run!

Game: Team Fortress, cosplay! 


 Iron Man, Dwarfs and Ghostbusters!

The "Mothers, Whores and Virgins, the Female Archetypes in Movies" panel is about to start soon!


My other sis and me by Tardis, I told you there were tons of shots. ;) 

 Collection 1

 Collection 2

 Arpine Lusene the gentlemen thief and the Universal Solvent, Don Rosa ya'll. ;)
Lots cool links too.

Fun in the Tardis. ;) I told you there were tons of shots... did you think I was kidding? ;) 

The "Book Critics vs. Book Bloggers" Panel, oh so interesting! From bloggers being biased to Critics being snobs, it was fun and entertaining but not all fluff at all. best panel in this years Finncon!

Oh crap! The Predator found the Tardis! 
( not my pic )

Iron Man passed out in the Tardis, I guess it took a lot to fight off the Predator. ;)
( not my pic )

The best picture of the whole weekend by Mikko Löppönen!

I had an absolute blast and have every intention to go back next year even though it's held couple hundred kilometers away in Jyväskylä... my sisters and I just have to make a weekend road trip about it. I'm gonna keep this entry short as I've slept way less than normal this past weekend, *yawn* see you all tomorrow!

Oh, have you or do you actively go to Conventions like these? Do you like to Cosplay? It be cool to see if you guys are into this as well?

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