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Friday, July 26, 2013


Title: Pirate's Wench
Author: Myra Nour
Genre: Historical/Time-Travel Erotic Romance
Heat Rating: 4 / 5
Star Rating:  4 / 5
Reviewed by: Niina C ( from For The Love of Reading )

"William is captivated by Sarah's beauty from the moment he discovers her aboard a ship he has pirated. Her joy and expertise in sex thrills his body, while her sweet personality wins his heart. He knows though, that Sarah holds some secret from him. William has his own secret and waits patiently for her to open up. As time passes he falls in love with the lovely mystery woman and plans to ask her hand in marriage. But will Sarah agree to marry a pirate?

All Sarah wanted was a few exciting days with a real pirate. A ridiculous idea for a modern woman. Not so, when the River Goddess grants her wish. Sarah finds that Captain William Drake is a handsome rascal with fighting skills that set her heart racing, while his sensual abilities set her blood aflame."

Pirate's Wench starts with a bang, or more precisely a hostile, bloody, take over of a french tall ship where Sarah finds herself in what she suspects is a dream and one fancy, frilly dress. She willingly goes with the handsome Pirate Captain and when things begin real up she realizes she's not dreaming but has been transported through time to meet Captain William, but how long will she be there, and how much can she give to William, she warms his bed but is her heart warming up too?

Want to read the whole review? 
Checkout Page 48 to see it!

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