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Monday, June 25, 2012


"The cold case she's on investigates an odd suicide, the case seems pretty clear cut, but with multiple ghost asking for Tess' help with a darkness invading Memphis and the FBI liaison disapproving on Tess and her choice of a lover ruffling Kipp's feathers life isn't a piece of cake."

Author: Stacey Kennedy
Pages: 169 pages
Publisher: Self Published on April 2012
Form: E-book (from tour for an honest review)
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Mystery
Series: Frostbite  #2
Amazon: Buy / $3.49 (Kindle)EU price, click to see yours )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $3.49 (Nook)
All Romance E-books: Buy / $3.49 (E-book)
Excerpt: Chapter 1

After helping the police catch a murderer Tess has got a new job, her ability to see and speak to ghosts has her helping the Memphis police solve cold cases. The ghost who started it all Kipp, an ex-cop now ghost and Tess' boyfriend is helping her work with his old team.

The cold case she's on investigates an odd suicide, the case seems pretty clear cut, but with multiple ghost asking for Tess' help with a darkness invading Memphis and the FBI liaison disapproving on Tess and her choice of a lover ruffling Kipp's feathers life isn't a piece of cake.

Read Supernaturally Kissed first - this is a sequel and isn't a stand alone. :) That said, I absolutely loved Supernaturally Kissed and was rooting for Tess and Kipp to find away to be together, that didn't get solved in the first novel so I was waiting for things to clear up in Demonically Tempted - and nothing really happened on that front until the very end. Good cliffhanger but still I sort of wanted more romance, like the first book had.

The plot is very Mystery, it's a lot more detective work that the first book, there are still emotions tied in there but Tess and Kipp's relationship isn't as front and center as before - and I missed it. Luckily I also enjoy mysteries so this plot wasn't wasted on me. I liked it a lot, but being a ghost buff I immediately knew what was going on, so I was reading Tess figure out things I already knew. All the ghost business was as fun as in the first book and I happily loathed FBI Dane and his judgement of Kipp and Tess, Boo! ;)

Tess seemed more cranky in this book that in the first one, perhaps because Kipp wasn't antagonizing her as much her annoyance was bit much, but I still loved her fiery attitude and her passion and all the more calm moments alone with Kipp. Now Kipp was just as sexy as in the first novel, playful, confident (even though ghost) and the way Kennedy wrote him very much alive and a main character - he doesn't feel like a ghost even though he walks through doors and can eaves drop like no other.

In conclusion... more romance! And with how this book ended I can't wait to read Mystically Bound! It promises more romance and I'm all for that.

Rating :

Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Stacey Kennedy, I’m glad you could make it!

Stacey Kennedy : WOO HOO! I’m thrilled to be here!

Niina : Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 4 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Stacey : Hmm…let’s see… I’m a stay at home mom who is also an author. I’ve been writing since 2009. I’d give pretty much anything up for chocolate. And I have a very busy muse.

Niina : First I have to state that I absolutely loved the first Frostbite novel “Supernaturally Kissed”, like 5 star loved it. ;) How hard was it to make a non-corporeal and corporeal bodies work for romance novel?

Stacey : Thanks!! I’m really happy that people love Tess & Kipp as much as I do. They are fun to write. As for the sex scenes, it’s tricky! It took some time to think up how it would all play out. I knew I’d get them between the sheets, but I wasn’t quite sure how at first. It made me think “outside of the box” when coming up with the sex scenes. And I must admit as painful as it’s been not to have them touch, the thought if they ever will touch is pretty darn exciting! I anticipate if they allow me to (no spoiling secrets here) it will probably be the most intense, sexy, and incredibly hot sex scene I’ve ever written.

Niina : It sure would be! Okay tell us little about your second Frostbite novel “Demonically Tempted”, what’s it about?

Stacey : DEMONICALLY TEMPTED is definitely darker than the first, SUPERNATURALLY KISSED. I knew going into it that it would be. I also knew that it would step more into the paranormal and leave the cold-cases behind. It’s basically Tess’s next step in her adventure. She’s finally accepted her abilities to see and talk with ghosts, so now she finds out more about the gifts she has. Of course, that comes with a bunch of trouble since Tess is about to realize that she knew very little about the spirit world.
Also, in this book a big question that comes up in SUPERNATURALLY KISSED is answered. And it sets out the foundation for the next two books. Tess is going to get herself into one seriously big mess. But it’s going to be so much fun watching her dig her way out!

Niina : Are you working on anything fun right now? Like a sequel?

Stacey : Right now I’m finishing up a new urban fantasy romance story, THE CAT’S MEOW. If all goes as planned it should come out this summer. It’s a fun, sexy story that I’ve been dying to get out there, especially since I’ve had this one sitting around for a while. After that, I’m going to write the next Frostbite book, MYSTICALLY BOUND, which will be released in the fall. Lots of fun books will keep me busy for the next…oh, few years! LOL!

Niina : Can’t wait to read more! I’m about to open Demonically Tempted today! What are the three words each that would describe Tess and Kipp the best?

Stacey : Tess – snarky, funny and emotional.
Kipp – sexy, sweet, and alpha.

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Stacey : My favorite chapter in Demonically Tempted was the scene between Caley and Tess in Tess’s living room. I can’t spill too much because it will give away secrets, but it was a really tender moment between two best friends. And it wrenched my heart to write it. Caley can be really something, but that was just how her character developed. She’s a very strong, overbearing woman, and always is in Tess’s face. But for me, that scene showed why Tess loves her, and I enjoyed seeing Tess lean on Caley. There’s just something so special between girlfriends… and I loved that scene because of that very reason.

Niina : How did you find your cover and if you didn't take part in the search, what is your opinion of it?

Stacey : Luckily, I had the privilege to design this cover, which was simply fun! I had the chance to go and pick the model for the cover and the background. It wasn’t a hard thing. The second I saw the woman she instantly clicked. She’s pretty much exactly how I see Tess in my mind and the background just “fit” the story so well. Needless to say, I love it!!

Niina : The covers gorgeous. :) Good job! Flirting with the idea of bringing a new mythological/paranormal creature to page, what would be exciting to write about?

Stacey : I’d love to at some point write a female demon. Any demon I’ve written they’ve always been male, so the idea intrigues me. So I’ll let it simmer in my mind a little longer and see if she finally decides to step forward so I can write her story.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! What’s the sexiest article of clothing on a guy?

Stacey : A tank top. Well, you see, I’m a total arm junky. So a tank top—especially a black one—can make my knees weak. I sure do love seeing those sexy muscles.

Niina :  Oh yes, who doesn’t. ;) Your Top 3 dangerous fictional bad boys, and why them?

Stacey : Bones (Night Huntress series) - I want him to talk naughty things to me in that accent of his.
Vlad (Night Price series) – Well, it’s just Vlad and he’s a total smexy bad boy that I’d love to spend a night with…or maybe a thousand of them.
Azriel (Dark Angels series) – Oh, the Reaper just makes me squirmy. There’s not a word that comes out of his mouth that I’m not drooling over. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book to come out in July so I can get more of him. He’s delicious!

Niina  : What is your signature dish?

Stacey  : Chicken Cordon Bleu…so yummy!

Niina  : What’s on your night stand?

Stacey  : My Kobo.

Niina  : Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions:

Boots or Heels?  Heels.
Cocktails or Shots? Cocktails.
M&Ms: With or Without Peanuts?  M&Ms with peanuts.
Date: Going to Park or Going to Movies? Movies.
Jewels or Chocolates? Chocolate.
Men: Alpha-male or Submissive? ALPHA!
Men: Clean Shaven or Stubble? Clean shaven. Stubble hurts…ouch!
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Bad boys in the bedroom. Good guys the rest of the time.
Tattoos or Piercings on a guy? Tattoos.
Brunettes or Blonds? Blonds.
Romance: Vampires or werewolves? Werewolves.
Romance: Fallen Angels or Sexy Demons? Sexy Demons.
Romance: Cops or Cowboys? Cops.
Romance or Erotica/Erotic Romance? Erotic Romance.
Male POV or Female POV (Point Of View)? Male POV.

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Stacey ! Any news would you like to share with your readers, or websites they can check out?

Stacey : There’s always great news that seems to pop up weekly and I love to chat, so please come find me on Facebook and Twitter! I’ve got quite a few new releases coming up in the next year, and my baby WEREWOLVES BE DAMNED will hit the shelves in the Summer of 2013. I can’t wait for that one to come out!

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