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Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi there!

Okay - so I posted last week about My May Favorites and I mentioned the talented and beautiful Tiffany D and her make-up tutorials. She has completely gotten me hooked on make-up again ( this is where hubby goes, uh-oh ) and I got some essential nude shades for the whole summer bronze look today!

Let me show you what I got! But first I had to do some organizing as my jewelry drawer became my make-up drawer ( the before pic was pretty much after I got all my jewelry arranged on the cabinet and this was what was left - trust me I have like 6 pounds worth of bling ;) )

Before and After

So what did I get today? Here we go!

Wet 'n Wild : Lipstick in Breeze

The color looks so amazing on me, it's been a long time since I've worn a more shimmery nude color on my lips...

Wet 'n Wild : ColorIcon Eye Shadow in Comfort Zone

( left to right, left to right and so on... )

I love these shades! They are so yummy, I'll be posting some of my creations with them later!

Wet 'n Wild : Wild Shine Nail Color in Hallucinate

I have the French Polish underneath with only the tips done with Hallucinate...

What do you think? What new make-up have you gotten lately? Share with photos if you have'm! :D

Why do I use and love Wet 'n Wild? The are Cruelty Free! No bunnies were brutally tortured and murdered for my make-up. :)

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