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Friday, June 8, 2012



Hi there! It's the international  Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop! I'm gonna make this real easy for you gals - comment to enter! Comment about what, you ask? Well--- keeping with the themed of Shameless why don't you tell me what you check out on the beach? 

Do you go North for gorgeous pair of eyes - or do you go more South at the fab abs or even lower...? 

Come on now, be shameless! ;)

What are you going to win?

Pick on of these hot novels as your price!

( must have All Romance ebooks account to receive the gift )

So do comment and have an awesome Summer!

Want to Tweet for extra credit? (Use a different Comment, just mention: Tweeted!) :
This is the tweet:
" For hot guys in hot swim wear, click this --> <-- AND there is a hot SHAMELESS SUMMER GIVEAWAY as well! (International) "

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