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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Ms. Olivia Starke , I’m glad you could stop by!

Olivia Starke : I'm happy to be here! I'm always ready for a party :D Where's the tequila?

Niina : * hands over tequila * Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 4 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Olivia : Unknown, hmmm. I've shared my freakishly dexterous toes story ( I could take foot fetish to a whole new level ;) ) 1) I didn't get my first kiss until I was 17, but in small towns it's hard to find someone who isn't a cousin ( or you've known since kindergarten when he chased you with his boogers )

2) When I was five years old my favorite color was black and I wanted to be a truckdriver when I grew up ( and amazingly my folks REFUSED to do my whole room in black! They compromised with dark blue. )

3) I had a recurring nightmare in my early twenties that I woke up with a penis and testicles. It was horrific, really, those puppies are f'ugly. But hey, I was hung like a draft mule at least.

4) I had superhuman hearing when I was a little girl due to high fevers from illnesses ( that's what the doctors figured anyways ) I'm still jumpy and sensitive to loud noises, but the super hearing is long gone (thanks rock music >:/)

Niina : Okay, Zombie Lovin’ you so need to explain this a little!?

Olivia : Yes, I get that a lot LOL I played with the story idea for a couple years. It sat in my WIP pile that long, until I dragged it out and pitched it Decadent's way. It'd been shot down by a couple of other epubs, but they and my awesome editor Kate went for it. It's getting great reviews so I couldn't be happier :) I write paranormal, wanted to stretch my wings with a new breed of undead, and threw in some sardonic humor for good measure.

Niina : So what’s your favorite zombie movie?

Olivia : Night of the Living Dead, a cult classic. It's the creepiest Halloween movie.

Niina : Yes that one is great! How does one mix romance and zombies without getting creepy?

Olivia : Seriously it's a whole new breed of zombie. Not the rotting corpses you expect, my zombies are really loveable--if you catch my drift ;) How could someone love werewolves or vampires? Easy, just use your imagination, it's the same with my zombies. Media has evolved weres and vamps, and judging by the new breed of zombies leaking into books, so are zombies.

Niina : What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Olivia : Black Swan! Okay, haven't seen the movie, just a clip where Mila Kunis shows Natalie Portman, er, a really good time. I think Mila is my new Hollywood crush LOL Other than that, I loved The Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl

Niina : LOL! Wouldn't call Black Swan romance, it was truly psychologically scary. What chapter in Zombie Lovin’ did you most enjoy writing and why?

Olivia : The whole thing! It's a shorty so it moved pretty fast for me. I had a blast with the subseries, Zombies In Vegas :) The two following ZL are Vegas Is Dead, Baby and Living Is Overrated.

Niina : What are three words each that would describe the couple the best?

Olivia : sexy adventurous naked

Niina : LOL! Naked huh? Would you rather meet real vampires or real zombies?

Olivia : Depends on if they are good guys or bad! Either/neither depending.

Niina : What is your favorite guilty treat/pleasure?

Olivia : I've said this many times, but paranormal reality shows! My world revolves around them, it's sad.

Niina : I luv those! What is your signature dish?

Olivia : I love to cook, so I have several yummy recipes up my sleeve. Baking is what I do best, and last Thanksgiving I made a cranberry apple pie sweetened with honey that was divine. :)

Niina : What’s the sexiest article of clothing on a guy?

Olivia : boxer briefs :D

Niina : Oh yes, so true. ;) What’s on your night stand?

Olivia : A dusty lamp, candles, a couple books that need read, a vibrator ( okay not really, it's in the second drawer with the other goodies )

Niina : LOL! Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions:

Night or day? day
Pick-up or Mini-van? Pick-up! I have a Ford F250.
Boots or Heels? I love both darn it! I'm a horse person so boots are necessary, but I also have a heel fetish. You're cruel to make me choose one or the other. I guess in daily life, when I'm not tromping around in the pasture, heels.
Beer or Wine? Wine, beer is nasty.
M&Ms: With or Without Peanuts? Without.
Treats: Sweet or Salty? Salty!
Date: Going to Park or Going to Movies? Movies. Get me in a park and I'm a five year old running rampant. Not a great first impression.
Winter or Summer? Winter.
Jewels or Chocolates? Chocolates--if they're expensive ;;)
Men: Alpha-male or Submissive? Alpha, if I can boss a man around (and I'll try!) then there's no spark.
Men: Clean Shaven or Stubble? Clean shaven.
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Bad boys, every girl wants one of their very own.
Tattoos or Piercings on a guy? Tattoos I guess, I dislike piercings on men.
Brunettes or Blonds? Brunettes! Dark hair is oh sooooo sexy.
Romance or Erotica/Erotic Romance? Erotic romance. Why dance around the sex? It bugs me when I can't get details.
Male POV or Female POV (Point Of View)? Male POV is easier for me to write. I struggle with female, unless I'm writing F/F. Go figure.
Times New Roman or Courier? TNR, it's a habit from college.

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Olivia! Any news would you like to share with your readers, or websites they can check out?

Olivia : Drop by my website! I'd love to have folks sign up for my newsletter :) Plus, I have a blog From time to time I have author guest posts and other news.

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