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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Rebecca Royce is here today! As a part of her Virtual Tour promoting Shifters and Bikers series she's stopping by at For The Love of Reading with a Guest Blog on the importance of remembering who we are even in the Social Media world.

          My mother raised me to believe that no matter what life threw at me, I could control my own behavior. I could decide how I reacted and what kind of person I wanted to be by how I handled adversity.

          I love writing and I have had a great experience in the industry. Every once in a while something will happen in a social-media forum that sets everyone into a frenzy. For a while, I found myself getting sucked into the fray. But then I remembered how I was raised.

          My mother’s lesson still applied even though I was on the other end of a computer instead of in person.

          I’d encourage every new author starting today to be careful to be who they are, even behind a screen name.

Let's see a little about Shifters and Bikers Series! Maybe this will wet your apetite?

Unwanted Mate Judy is Gunther’s mate—he knows they’re meant to be together. But his little human isn’t so sure. A tragedy brings Judy knocking on his door. When these two finally come together, sparks fly that could lead to forever.

Bar Mate Wolf-shifter Yvette Nelson is incredibly bored with her job, working as a waitress at Gunther’s Bar.  It’s always the same scene, the same noise. Until one night, when a man she’s never met comes into the bar.  He’s dressed like a typical Biker but there’s something about him she can't dismiss. She has to have him right away.
A quickie in her boss’ office brings out some unexpected consequences she hadn’t anticipated and she can’t control.

Mate by the Music Scott Quaid hasn’t seen his brother Stark in over week and it’s just not like his younger brother to be out of touch.  He knows he stopped at Gunther’s Bar and that was the last time anyone heard from him.  In a rage of worry, he rides his motorcycle through the rain to Gunther’s to find out what happened to Stark.
He doesn’t find Stark but he does encounter Nancy Elwood who is working the bar alone that night.  Nancy is full of surprises—and vulnerability. Before long, all Scott wants is to make her his in all possible ways.

Out of Place Mate Sean Quaid’s  brothers don’t think he is very shifter-friendly. He certainly does not seem happy that they have both married and haven’t been showing up to work. Victoria Bensen wants nothing more than to cool him down and get him to stop making such a scene at Gunther’s Bar.
When she drags him back to the staging room at the back of the bar, she doesn’t know that it will be Sean bringing down her barriers, not the other way around.

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