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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Niina : Welcome to Shane and Jess, I’m glad you could make it!

Shane :  Sorry we are a little late.

Jess : ( Elbows Shane in the ribs ) If it were up to you we'd have never made it.

Shane : I wanted to conserve water. ( Shane grins at Jess innocently )

Niina : LOL! No problem! What 4 words would you use to describe each other?

Shane : Beautiful, compassionate, resilient, strong, loving, sexy, amaz-- ( Jess snaps her had up with four fingers extended ) Oh ... right, pick any four.

Jess : Honorable, frustrating, passionate, loving

Niina : Revealing. ;) Shane you’re a Volaticus Warrior, what does that entail?

Shane : I have been lucky to have lived during relative peace between our species and the others. Today's warriors are focused on eliminating the rogue element, terminating the prolific Morsdente killers and aiding humanities strife without direct interference. To that end I have served time as an Army Ranger while maintaining an active status within the SOSC warrior rolls. There will always be those in every species that place value on personal fanaticism and agendas to the detriment of others. Those incapable of realizing we are all connected. A warrior faces any threat to his kind and will stand behind all allies.

Jess : Plus his ass looks yummy as hell in fighting leathers.

Niina : LOL, yes let's not forget the leathers. Jess, being psychic must have been hard growing up?

Jess : I felt natural ... until my mother died. I didn't have anyone to teach me to manage and shield them as they developed. When in crowds I'd seize from empathic overload. I missed out on a lot--clubbing, concerts, restaurants yet I feel I made a decent life for myself.

Shane : I've tried to drop my mental shield a few times to gain perspective on how difficult it was on Jess. After a few seconds the pain becomes too much. I am awed by the level of determination it took her to face that every minute of everyday.

Niina : How did you two meet?

Shane : By the grace of Fate!

Jess : ( Jess bites her bottom lip and smiles at Shane ) My friend and I own a mixed martial arts school. Maybe you've heard of it, it's called The Ryu. We have a contract with the locale police academy to teach self-defense and martial arts basics to the cadets. Meeting Shane truly was Fate. Before that day I personally had never taught those classes ... too many people for me. He wasn't even a cadet, he went to watch over his protege Jerika and make sure she didn't reveal herself as Volaticus.

Niina : Okay let’s get bit more personal! What is your favorite guilty treat?
Shane : Does it have to be food? ( Shane quirks an eyebrow, Jess rolls her eyes ) Is it my fault your Oleander scent is making me hungry? ( Shane gives Jess another innocent look ) Guilty pleasure ... err ... treat-- Red rope licorice. Definitely.

Jess :  I'm a starch girl. I buy Lay's potato chips by the truck load.

Niina : Good choices bot of you! What is your signature dish?

Shane : Coffee

Jess : Take-out

Niina : Err... not into cooking I see... What’s your significant other's sexiest article of clothing?

Shane : I don't care what she wears Jess is sexy. Her mating gown is probably my favorite article of clothing on her. Of course it still looks best rumpled in the corner leaving her naked.

Jess : I already mentioned the leathers. He also looks hot as hell with scarves tied at his wrists

Shane : You know those bond aren't really holding me, right?

Jess : I've warned you, first time you break free I'm buying platinum & lead handcuffs. They might not restrain you but the threat sure as shit does.

Shane : Indeed, Beauty.

Niina : LOL! Your most outrageous night out?

Shane : I made the mistake of taking Jess with me to poker night. She cheats by the way! Luckily she is also very proficient at charming her way out of trouble.

Jess : I won didn't I? Besides that wasn't the most outrageous night out. The night we went out with Eric, Jerika & Aymee was way more outrageous. You and Eric bickered with each other all night like old women in a Bingo parlor. While treating a game of pool  & beer pong like an Olympic sport. Then it took Jerika, Aymee & I working together to get your drunk asses home.

Niina : That would do it! Now, M&Ms: With or Without Peanuts?

Shane : Both.

Jess : Peanut

Niina : Women:  Curvy or Slim? Men: Clean Shaven or Stubble?

Jess : Since Volaticus are unable to grow body hair I kind of like it when Shane's face get's stubbly though he's handsome clean shaven too. I think I'll take an indecisive pass on that question.

Shane : Curvy. Jess is a perfect model. Stand up, Beauty, wiggle your hips. Niina needs visual aid, don't you, Niina?

Niina : Don't include me in this! LOL! Okay, next, live a thousand years alone or ten with your true love?

Shane : Ten

Jess : Yep, Ten.

Niina : Correct! Puppies or kittens? Also any plans on getting any?

Jess : I like puppies. Our life is too crazy with duel careers to get a puppy right now. I want our kids to have pets though ... someday.

Shane : Can't we just hire a Tellus nanny? Then the nanny could shift ( book two spoiler alert ) into a pet and still not require me scooping piles off the lawn. I have to admit Niina I'm not much of a pet person. As a warrior my life has never been suitable to give the kind of attention a pet would require.

Niina : Thought your nanny idea was great though. :) Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Jess and Shane! Any news would you like to share with my readers here?

Jess : I'm pregnant. ( Shane's mouth drops open ) Haha, Just kidding! April Fools a day early.

Shane : That it. ( Shane grabs Jess's hand and drags her out of the room ) I'm taking you home. You need a spanking. ( Jess's giggle fades down the hallway )


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