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Friday, April 6, 2012


Did you get pranked, or did you fool somebody real good this year?

Reading Fool's Gold takes you back to April Fool's Day with few pranks, being played for a fool and more... As anthology of short stories, it has little for everyone! See the titles below and see if something strikes your fancy!

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FOOL FOR LOVE by Louise Behiel
Lina Ramirez is amused when the Atlanta Police knock on her door, wondering if she knows the man in the picture with her husband.  She mentions the visit to her husband who laughs it off: after all, he knows lots of people.  But when the man in the picture is murdered, she has questions.

Two boys play an April Fool’s joke on their employer. Knowing that Josh and Adam, the two boys employed as stock boys, are known for their April Fool's pranks, Giles devises a plan of his own. So who, at the end of the day, out Fool's the other?

WISHFUL THINKING by Alyssa Linn Palmer
During a brief interlude, CeeCee tells Ruth how she met the gangster Sheridan in Chicago. Is she telling the truth?

Dr. Abigail Westward just wants to go home and forget all about the two years she spent in Afghanistan. If it were just the medical situations, she'd be fine. She knew how to make sense of, and compartmentalize, that stuff. But, the unexpected role she'd played in combat. Not so easy to cope with. Like all physicians, she'd vowed never to bring harm to another human being...

BABY FEVER by Sheila Seabrook
Gwen Parker has baby fever. With a little coaxing–and a miracle–she might be able to convince her best friend to help her get her son and ex-daughter-in-law back together again. But something odd is happening in Bandit Creek today. Is it an April Fool’s Day joke or could it be the miracle Gwen so desperately wants?

LUCY’S APRIL FOOLS by Brenda Sinclair
This year, George vows to outsmart Lucy, and he’s enlisted the help of half the town to do it!  Everyone from the Bandit Creek Gazette’s editor, to the mayor, to Jack is in on the joke.  Will George and his band of accomplices succeed? Or will Lucy outsmart her husband once again?

In the mountains surrounding Bandit Creek, not everything is made of gold.  The rustling of leaves and crunching of snow beneath the tall trees may leave you with a smile as you search for a cute and cuddly creature of the forest.  But in these hills, you do not want to reach into the dark recesses.  Not everything is as friendly as it may first appear and for the weary, a real Fool’s Gold may be your only and last, surprise.

Fool for Love by Louise Behiel
Has all the makings to be the beginning of a great suspense novella, after reading this I felt like the story cut at the most interesting part and wanted to know what Lina was going to do, was her husband to be feared or loved. I want to read more!

Where Rabbits Run Wild by Trip Williams
The beginning had a cool thriller wibe to it, alone in the snowy woods, working with small crew of men who knew something was out there in the woods. But turned out to something more amusing. Great writing from Williams, this story was an interesting apetiser to hunt down something else he's written.

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