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Sunday, March 4, 2012


"Catching the killer forces Tess to confort her "gift" and make a laughing stock of herself, but when she finally gets Kipp's partners to believe her, the fun begins and there is detective work to be done and Tess is smack in the middle of it because only she can tell the guys what Kipp's spirit knows and is up to."

Author: Stacey Kennedy
Published: Ellora's Cave Publishing on December 2011
Pages: 133 Pages
Form: E-book (from a tour for an honest review)
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Series: Frostbite #1
Amazon: Buy / $4.99 (Kindle) ( EU price, click to see US price )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $4.97 (Nook)
All Romance Ebooks: Buy / $5.99 (Ebook)
Excerpt: Chapter 1

Tess sees spirits, and there is one especially annoying one that won't stop harassing her - she tries to play it cool and pretends to not know he's there but when he talks dirty to she can't hid the blush and finally has to give in.

Kipp's dead, he got shot on duty and now he can't let go the one woman who can help him and his partner solve the case. What doesn't expect is Tess bringing out all that he can't have anymore, no touching, no wife, no kids, nothing... and it's especially cruel as it seems she's the woman he might want it all with.

Catching the killer forces Tess to confront her "gift" and make a laughing stock of herself, but when she finally gets Kipp's partners to believe her, the fun begins and there is detective work to be done and Tess is smack in the middle of it because only she can tell the guys what Kipp's spirit knows and is up to.

Catch the killer, help Kipp cross over... and don't fall in love with him.

Supernaturally Kissed is funny, sensual and exciting! Perfect mix of witty lines, awkward situations, growing attraction and killer to be caught! I couldn't have been more pleased to read this, I inhaled the thing in half a day. And throughout it I kept thinking who's the dirty cop, who's the dirty cop and I kept eyeing them all, hoping it wasn't one, or sure it was someone only to change my mind - loved it! I like suspense like that, keeps the reader constantly guessing, thinking and fully invested in the story.

As much as I loved the suspense, I loved loved Tess and Kipp, their bantering, sexually charged conversations were an absolute thrill to read. Kipp was tempting her, flirting and suggesting ( oh, that boy had a dirty mouth ;) ) and making Tess blush left and right - so enjoyable! As much as he was all that he was also became more and more somber as the story moved forward realizing that he was going to miss everything could have possibly have with Tess, the only woman he had come to have lasting affections to.

This book was all from Tess's point of view, which was a refreshing to read, I haven't read a book with solo POV since last summer. It was interesting to only witness her side, it made the suspense greater, when you absolutely had no idea who the killed could have been, except for her and Kipp everyone else could have done it. I loved Tess's awkwardness in front of all the cop stuff, she didn't know where to look, how to play bait or how to walk in the woods her pricey boots, which made her adorably sweet among all the tough as nails cops.

I highly recommend you pick this up even if you aren't into ghost, this book is superb suspense and with some sensual romance and the flirting it won't have you blushing too bad. Wonderful romance novel, go get your copy!
Rating :

           “So, tell me, what’s it like to play baseball as a pro?”

           I’ve never regretted saying words more in my life. One question led to a twenty-minute conversation I wished I’d never instigated. Caley, the traitor, had vanished onto the dance floor with Brandon, which left me with the pompous stud.

           “I’ve grown as a player…” Trent went on.

           “This guy is a fucking joke,” the ghost said.

           I almost turned my head to nod, but of course refrained. I continued to listen to Trent’s words without truly hearing what he had to say. I merely muttered “yeah” or “cool” when appropriate.

           “If I were him, I would’ve skipped the conversation all together and had you back in my bed the moment I laid eyes on you.”

           He did not just say that! My stomach leapt up into my throat and my body warmed in places that shouldn’t from a ghost. He’d only said words—not used soft touches to entice me—but the way his voice carried into my soul, the effect had been similar to sweet caresses. “The coach has been pleased…”

           The ghost’s tone dropped an octave. “I wouldn’t have wasted the time with small talk. I would’ve used my mouth to learn my way around your luscious curves and used your responses to tell me about the woman you are.”

           I squirmed on the stool in an attempt to ignore the soft purr of his voice sending shivers down my spine. I even leaned in further toward Trent and tried to concentrate on his boring conversation.

           “After I tasted your sweet skin and saw your desperation for more, I would kiss your mouth until your lips were rosy and swollen. I’d deepen the kiss by tangling my fingers through your hair and holding you close to feel all of me.”

           I gulped, crossed my legs and squeezed them tight. He’s a ghost! Nothing that involved him should arouse me. But the pulse between my thighs declared he held the power to make me undone.

           “I’d kiss my way along your jaw while I lowered my hand to trail along your stomach. Then I would seek to discover all those little places that make you squirm.”

Read the whole 1st Chapter her and see how this ends!

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