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Friday, March 16, 2012


Author: D.L Jackson / Published: Decadent Publishing on February-March 2012 / Pages: 15-40 Pages / Form: E-book (from the publisher for an honest review) / Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance (18+ Only) / Series: Carnality #1 and #3 / Decadent Publishing: Buy / $1.49 (E-book)

Book 1 ~ When Mercedes, the town librarian, enters a place no good girl would dare to tread, she meets a man who says he’s an incubus, who has an offer too tempting to pass. After the encounter with the stranger, sanity returns and Mercedes begins to wonder if she’s lost her mind along with her memory, or if the man in the back of the adult toy store really was who he claimed to be.

Book 2 ~ Thousands of years have passed. Azael has returned to Jezebel, and he’s brought her memories with him. Now that Jezebel has them back, she doesn’t intend to lose them again by starving herself of life energies. So, when she encounters a broken heart in the seedy strip club where she works, she knows dinner will be special that night. This time, the feeding will be on her terms, and the man who’s wandered into her snare, shouldn’t miss the small bite of soul she takes. Much.

Book 3 ~ Game on. Another lamb for the feast. Not likely. Jezebel knows that taking a bite out of the virgin bait the demon slayers have tossed into the club is a bad idea. But there’s also more than one way to skin a proverbial cat, or in this instance, pop a slayer’s cherry before she causes any problems. There’s nothing in the succubus rule book that says Jezebel has to play fair. After all, she need only suggest. What the slayer does with the nudge is up to her. Check mate.

Book 1 ~ Carnal Desires was a short romp in the backroom of an adult toy store between a librarian and a incubus who reveals to her that she's not just human but much more than that and intends to show her. Fun, short and sexy. Mercedes was interesting with her first time foray into a toy store for adults, checking out the merchandise with mix of embarrassment and desire. Azael was hot, and though he's role is quite supportive he did have some tummy twisting tricks. In all a very fun and hot little read at only 12 pages - sets up the series well.

           “Have you ever owned one? Used one?”
           Heat blasted across her cheeks. “Excuse me?”
           He leaned in again. “Have you ever done anything forbidden?” Warm breath puffed from his lips, rustling the hair on her nape. “Taboo?”
           Mercedes spun around and whumped him with the giant, red prick. Not on purpose, but perhaps it should have been. Face to face, body to body, she was close enough to discover he had an erection. “I…I… I think I’m in the wrong place.”
           He cocked his head. “Or the right one. What is it you’re looking for?” His gaze swept from the top of her head, down her cardigan sweater to the hem of her long, broomstick skirt. “You don’t look like the normal clientele.” He plucked the tortoise shell frames with false prescription lenses from her nose and dropped them into an oversized handbag she’d parked beside her on the floor. “And you can’t hide your need behind those. I see through you.”
           Mercedes swallowed again. Her hand slipped up to her breast to slow her heart. “Who are you?”
           “An incubus.”

Book 3 ~ Carnal Denial was definitely hot! I like slightly dark seduction stories with a happy ending. Mercedes is now Jezebel, a succubus, she own a strip club and works with Azael, the bouncer/incubus. They do get trouble from slayers, and when one of the pure virgin slayers wants to become employed in the bar Jezebel sets up a seductive setting to knock the girl of her virgin pedestal after all when she's no longer pure she's no longer a slayer. This short story is from the Slayers point of view, and it was very good! I loved the falling from grace ( or in this case a cult of some sort ) and the desire and denial that she went through before finally giving in. A hot read for sure. And this book had a happy ending, instead of a seedy one, which left me as a happy reader afterwards.

           The bouncer stared at her with eyes that made her want to take her clothes off and be that kind of girl. Her body began to buzz under his gaze. A toothpick in his mouth twitched, the only indication he wasn’t a statue. 
           “I want to tend bar,” she stuttered. “I make a mean Screaming Orgasm. I’m really good at it - making drinks that is.” 
           He eyed her double Ds and a smile curled one side of his mouth. “I’ll bet you are.”

D.L Jackson writes great erotic romance and these Carnality novels are no exception! She gives you great characters, great settings and good writing so you can just read and enjoy the stories.

If you like your erotica as short stories with succubus and incubus thrown in for that paranormal twist then you might want to give this series a go!

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