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Thursday, March 15, 2012


"Joe escapes the facility, but there is a snag in the plan, he's bringing the curvy technician with him. He can't help but starting to feel for her - and feelings aren't for cyborgs, unsure how to proceed he sets to seduce her and make sure she's happy in his bedroom, because he has no plans to let her go."

Author: Eve Langlais
Published: Self Published on February 2012
Pages: 163 Pages
Form: E-book (from a tour for an honest review)
Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance (18+ Only)
Series: Cyborgs: More Than Machines #1
Amazon: Buy / $6.31 (Kindle) ( EU price, click to see US price )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $3.59 (Nook)
Smashwords: Buy / $3.59 (E-book)
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Excerpt: Adult Excerpt

Captured cyborg X109GI is held under more than just lock and key in an underground military facility, Chloe has heard all the news and rumors of the cyborg revolt and their exploits to kill and rape and pillage all over space - as hired technician to collect samples from the cyborg she can't but help feel in danger despite all the security details. But meeting the cyborg isn't as terrifying as she thought more exciting, with his taunting and innuendo, and as the meetings increase she begins to feel more at ease with the killing machine.

Joe escapes the facility, but there is a snag in the plan, he's bringing the curvy technician with him. He can't help but starting to feel for her - and feelings aren't for cyborgs, unsure how to proceed he sets to seduce her and make sure she's happy in his bedroom, because he has no plans to let her go.

Eve Langlais writes funny, sexy, thoroughly entertaining novels that you get addicted to! Her science fiction romances are masterful uses of fantasy, odd habits, awkwardness, wit and sexy as hell love scenes! And oh how C971 was all this! C791 was full of surprises, hot cyborgs and emotional rollacoasters! I loved the plot from the cyborgs becoming conscious and revolting to getting their freedom to Chloe attracting Joe's attention and his heart - this book had a delicious science fiction shell with a yummy hot romance middle - I could eat this book up!

I loved the superiority of the cyborgs and I loved how Chloe kept knocking the boys of their logical high horses with emotional responses that left them befuddled. I really enjoyed when Joe decided in his head that he'd order Chloe to stop crying in the future because it made him uneasy. Loved it! And I loved how logical the guys were, but still couldn't stop feeling, no matter how hard they tried. Big bad hunky guys getting baffled by a small female, delish!

Another aspect I loved was the military and their corrupt wicked personnel, they were easy to hate and it was a pleasure to see them hacked down like hay by the cyborgs for all the trouble, death and sorrow they had caused. Yes, I was very much rooting for the once men, now machines!

I can't say much more than, you have to read this book, if you love romance and science fiction, these two are married so well in this book with witty fun lines and superbly hot love scenes!
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Rating :

Adult Excerpt (18+ Only)

          The sight of Chloe and Seth so at ease with each other, and worse, touching each other set something off inside Joe, a combination of irrational anger sprinkled with a covetousness he’d not experienced but had heard of. Jealousy.

          Whatever the name for the emotion, he found himself unable to halt it as he ripped Seth away from Chloe’s side and sent his fist into the grinning face. He maintained enough control to not beat his friend to a pulp - barely - but he couldn’t stop himself from slinging Chloe over his shoulder and stomping off to their room.

          “What the heck was that about?” she exclaimed as she dangled down his back.

          “You seem to have forgotten who you belong to.”

          She didn’t say anything for a moment. “Are you jealous?”

          “No.” Yes!

          “It’s normal to feel that way. It just never occurred to me you would.”

          “I don’t. Jealousy is a human emotion. I am a cyborg. We are above such petty wastes of our time.”

          “Really. Well then, someone should probably explain that to Seth’s face,” she drawled.

          “This is not entertaining. You were practically inviting him to take ownership of your body.”

          “I was not,” she exclaimed, and a small rational part of him knew she spoke truly, but he’d lost the ability to decipher logic from madness where she was concerned.

          Arriving at their room, he tossed her onto the bed and quickly tore at his clothes.

          “What are you doing?” she asked, her eyes wide, but not with trepidation if the protruding nipples through her shirt were any indication.

          “Showing you who owns your body.”


          “Wrong answer,” he growled. “I do. And it seems I must show you.”

          He fell on her, and despite her previous defiant answer, she welcomed him with open arms and a fierce kiss. Her legs spread wide to accommodate his body, but while he’d denuded his frame, she remained dressed. Their hands met at the closing to her pants, their impatient battle to remove them more of a fumbling parody. When he finally managed to strip them from her, he was ready to sink himself into her. He retained enough wits though to realize she required preparation for his penetration. With sex bots, that never proved a concern as they arrived to service pre-lubed. Human females however, according to his studies, required stimulation to achieve the same state. He slid a hand between her thighs and, to his relief, found her already soaking wet. It pleased him, on a level he did not understand, that Chloe achieved this state around him without means of manipulation.

          He wasted no more time. He propped himself above her and thrust into her sex. Oh, the exquisite, unexplainable feel of her channel clamping tightly around his cock. He would never tire of it. Never tire of her. But did she feel the same about him? He had to know.

          “Tell me who you belong to.”

          Her eyes opened part way, her lids heavy with arousal. “Why do you care?”

          He rammed into her hard. She gasped.

          A growl left him. “Do not toy with me. You are my female. Not Seth’s. Not anyone else’s. Say you belong to me.” He almost roared the words, desperate to hear her say it.

          For a moment defiance flashed in her gaze. “And if I don’t?”

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