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Sunday, January 22, 2012


"On a layover to Texas she figures out Robert has been cheating on her - she promises herself after she gets back they are over. In Texas though she's not welcomed by her friend Ellen but her brother Wes and his friend Shooter, both a stark contract to Robert she can't help but be attracted to them both."

Author: Cat Johnson
Pages: 129 pages
Publisher: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC
Published: February, 2011
Form: E-book (from my personal library)
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Series: Perfect Strangers #1
All Romance E-books: Buy / $2.99 (E-book)
Excerpt: Meeting at the Airport

"It takes two to tango, but three to do the two-step with these Texas cowboys…

Londoner Maryann Morrissy finds the companionship she's missing by making friends on the Internet with fellow rodeo fans in the States. Her fiancé Robert doesn't understand her new obsession. His mocking is just one more thing in a long list that convinces Maryann he's not the man for her. Perfect timing, because Maryann is flying to Texas where two rodeo cowboys are waiting to show her the ropes.

Annoyed he has to pick up his sister's British online buddy from the airport, tie-down roper Wes Griffin drags his best friend Shooter with him. Misery loves company until Wes sees Maryann get off the plane. When her sexy accent makes his heart do the two-step, Wes begins to wish he'd kept Maryann all to himself because Shooter is just as intrigued.

After the nasty end to Maryann’s engagement, she's ready to take both cowboys on, but is Wes willing to share?"

         Wes frowned at Shooter. “Hot? Her? What the hell are you talking about?”
         Then he followed his friend’s gaze and saw what Shooter had seen. Coming through the other door, also smiling in their direction was a woman about their own age and looking like nothing he’d imagined Brit Chick would look like.
         “Hello. I’m Maryann.” The lilt in her sweet voice shot straight through Wes, right down to his groin. Down below, Little Wes woke up to take notice and was apparently enjoying Maryann’s British accent from inside Wes’s jeans.
         Shooter’s face lit up with a wide, goofy grin. “Hey, Maryann. I’m Shooter. Welcome to America.”

I can't seem to keep away from Cat Johnson's cowboy novels! Why? Because they are excellent! The stories are interesting, funny, warm and the characters witty and heartwarming - and let's not forget her novels are hot as hell! I kid you not, these cowboy novels will melt much more than your heart. ;D

The plot begins with Maryann, who travels from London to Texas to see her first Rodeo, finds out her fiancée is cheating on her she wants to break all ties to him, but not through phone. Maryann soon finds she's escorted by two hunky cowboys, and few drinks later she ready to call Robert and take the two cowboys to bed. I told you it was a hot book. ;)

Maryann and Wes make a cute couple ( cute enough to make me go awwwww ), and having Shooter instigate quite few things was hilarious, especially when Wes had to come into willing Maryann's rescue. Texas Two Step is full of funny lines, witty dialogue and emotional and sexy twists - it's a perfect shorter read when you want to feel good and read some steamy romance.

You'll love this if... you love cowboys, two guys showing a girl a good time and your novels fun, feel good and smoking sexy!

Rating :

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