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Saturday, January 21, 2012


D is for Domination (The ABCs of Erotica #4)
       I have to say first off that I usually don't read BDSM - I've read one before this and it was for beginners. Here goes! Rating 3.5 Stars (3 for the story, .5 extra for the writing!)
       This little novella tells about a man, somewhat new to the BDSM scene, he likes to be dominated by his Mistress who is teaching him different ways to pleasure. This time she introduces him to nibble clamps among other things.
       The story is short, and very much all about erotica. The stories in ABCs so far are all glimpses into a middle of scene - there is no introduction to the story or narrative before the actual love/sex scene, these just pretty much dive in. ;)
        Mallory writes really well and that can be seen best in her longer works - but it also shows in these short novellas. Mallory is a really good erotica writer, the stories aren't cheesy, the language is spot on, little naughty, little risky, but not crude or degrading (like some erotica can be) and the dialogue is completely believable as are the inner narratives of the characters. I highly recommend you check out Santa's Backdoor Baby and Mia's Cop Craving to witness this first hand.
       Happily waiting for more ABCs.

 Buy / $2.99 (EU price, click to see US price)

Mia's Cop Craving (Police Officer Sex Fantasy #1)
       Mia's itching to do something about fantasy of hooking up with a cop - she craves the power, the authority, the strength. You don't talk back to cops. So, she gathers her nerves, dresses up and heads to the local bar, favored by police officers, to see if she can make her wet dreams come true.
       Rogan is nursing his beer as cute girl comes to talk to him and before he knows it she's suggesting something way more interesting than talking. Hot girl like her, how could he say no to a night of hot sex. But one night doesn't seem to be enough.
       Another excellent erotica novella from Malia Mallory! She writes Mia so well, her nerves, jitters and finally getting ballsy enough to go and make her dream come true.
        Both Rogan and Mia are great to read they are passionate, they have great chemistry and the love scenes, whoa, yummy! I hadn’t yet read a cop erotica before this but it seems it's all about authority and control without venturing into the BDSM field. I like it! As always loved Mallory's writing, she's very good at creating a believable world, believable characters and believable dialogue, it's a joy to read her writing!
        The plot is simple but good, and Mia and Rogan leave the book with a chance for another book (which is coming called "Mia's Cop Craving - Double Teamed" don't have to guess hard what that's about, more cops anyone?). The cover is good, and gets the point of the book out without being crude or trashy, in fact Mallory's covers are all classier than most erotica I've seen, props for that!

 Buy / $5.47 (EU price, click to see US price)

A is for Anal (The ABCs of Erotica #1)
       A short novella that introduces Grace one uptight, prim and proper business woman to the pleasures of sex by her new collegue/boyfriend, and not just any sex because Michael wants to show Grace just enjoyable little behind play can be.
       Short, to the point, sexy and little naughty, but in just the right way. It's currently a free read so go check it out at amazon! The stories in ABCs so far are all climbses into a middle of scene - there is no intoduction to the story or narrative before the actual love/sex scene, these just pretty much dive in. ;) The story is short, and very much all about erotica.
       Her Holiday Novella, Santa's Backdoor Baby is a deliciously naughty Christmas, and her longer work so far really showing of her writing talent as an erotica writer. Go check it out, you can be nice the rest of the year after reading it. ;)

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