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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"It's been a year and Valerie and Alex are both in their destined jobs when a family wedding brings them together again, and love, passion and broken hearts are all dragged back out. Love hasn't died and even though Valerie fights to stop feeling for Alex she can't help seeing him as a changed guy."

Author: Elisabeth Reyes
Pages: aprx. 300 pages
Publisher: Self Published
Published: May, 2011
Form: E-book (from a tour for an honest review)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Moreno Brothers #2
Amazon: Buy / $5.47 (Kindle) ( EU price, click to see US price )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $2.99 (Nook)
Smahswords: Buy / $2.99 (E-book)

Excerpt: The First 26 pages

Valerie and Alex had a relationship, well not really a defined relationship but they hangout on and off, until Valerie had enough and went to see what happened when she wasn't around. As she witnesses his infidelity she calls it quits she wants absolutely nothing to do with him, ever again. She takes her broken heart and swears to never let Alex close again.

Alex has bit of a proud streak, with his football scholarship he has to keep his grades up with is not easy for him, he hates people viewing him as stupid so he doesn't tell Valerie just what keeps him away from her - but when she surprises him with a girl, his tutor, he tries to explain but it falls on deaf ears. And it, whatever it is, is over.

It's been a year and Valerie and Alex are both living their lives when a family wedding brings them together again, and love, passion and broken hearts are all dragged back out. Love hasn't died and even though Valerie fights to stop feeling for Alex she can't help seeing him as a changed guy. With a jealous ex ( the one she thought she'd use to get over Alex ) is threatening her and her boss wanting to date her she has more than enough on her plate, but when Alex states he wants her back...  just how much can a girl have on her plate?

Say, Hi, to deliciously passionate and intensily protective Moreno brothers! I really enjoyed this book, it's been a while since I've read just contemporary romance, and it was nice, no shifters or vampires coming out of closets. ;) This story is all about second chances, and I loved that! Things just went wrong with Valerie and Alex, and their pride kept the two apart until something just had to give when they met again. Of course the reader knows these two belong together, but reading the whole journey is still interesting with yummu elements of danger, jealousy, love and passion.

I really liked Alex even with his proud streak and his temperament he was lovable and having him pine after Valerie and reacting to her mere presence in the room was yummy reading. I wish though that I could have just shook him and go, "oh come on just tell her how you feel, what really happened!" of course that marks a good book when you can get frustrated at the characters, it means you're involved in the story. But I loved Alex even more after they decide to give things another go, sure he's possessive and jealous but in a deliciously yummy way. ,)

Valerie, oh I wish she could have just given him a chance, she harbored her ill feelings for him for a year trying to replace him ( big oh-oh ) and tried to trick him ( by saying she had a boyfriend ) and eventually she just had to open her eyes and see that was changes and hear him. I really liked her, she was fun to read and had really heartfelt emotions, lots of guts and a good sense of humor.

Alright, things that needed a little fixing were the repetition of events in the first half of the book, which slightly stalled the reading. But after the half way that didn't come up anymore and the story moved a lot more smoothly. The covers on the other Moreno Brothers books in the series are quite good, this one has something lacking it, could have used something extra, it's not a big problem as I read this on the Kindle.

What I loved was all the tension! Loved it, it's just what a good romance needs! The tension caused by Alex's passion for Valerie, tension from Valerie's boss trying to get her to date him and forget Alex, and Valerie's jealous ex that keeps threatening her and demanding she pay for leaving him and him ending up in jail. I love love love all that tension!

You'll love this if... you like your romance contemporary, if you like second chances and if you love a love story with a stalker to add an element of danger!

Rating :


Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Ms. Elizabeth Reyes, I’m glad you could make it!

Elizabeth Reyes : Thank you for having me glad to be here!

Niina : Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 4 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Elizabeth : Sure!

1.  As my Twitter profile explains I am a mother of two teens so therefor by default this makes me a super hero!

2. I married my first love and will be married to him 18 years next month but we've been together for over 20!

3. I've upgraded my computer at least 4 times from the very first one I ever bought but I'm still using the keyboard that came with the first one because it's my lucky keyboard!

4. A lot of the funny things that happen in my stories are usually something that either happened to me in real life or happened to someone I know.    

Niina : Tell us little about you’re The Moreno Brothers Series, what’s it about?

Elizabeth : It's about the love lives of a family and group of Hispanic friends living in La Jolla California. I love reading about intense, jealous and possessive heroes so my guys tend to be very intense when it comes to that.    

Niina : I read Always Been Mine this week, now I’m a sucker for books where the guy pines over the girl. What do you think makes those stories romantic?

Elizabeth : I think seeing the vulnerability of a man especially one as big and intense as Alex is very endearing. You can't help but feel for a character like that even though at times he may be over the top because you can actually feel his pain and anxiety.   

Niina : Which way are you going with series?

Elizabeth : I honestly thought Sal would be the end but the characters have just taken a life of their own and there are so many side characters whose stories are now begging to be told. So I see a lot of spinoffs in the future.  

Niina : What are three words each that would describe the leading cast the best?

Elizabeth : Intense, loving and protective <- maybe overprotective. lol

Niina : What’s the best compliment you’ve received on your writing? And who complimented you?

Elizabeth : My readers are wonderful and very vocal so many of them go straight to my blog or FB fan page to tell me how much they loved whatever book they just happened to finish. Their compliments are by far the best and the ones I take to heart, I especially love the ones that say they will now read anything I put out. =)

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Who is your current book boyfriend?

Elizabeth : Wow that's getting real personal but it's usually whoever I'm in the middle of reading and at the moment I'm reading Junk Miles by Liz Reinhardt. It's a love triangle series. I'm Team Saxxon. As much as Jake is so loveable I'm a sucker for the bad boys.  

Niina : What is your signature dish? 

Elizabeth : It's actually one I talked about in my last book Making You Mine. Every Thanksgiving & Christmas I HAVE to make my famous green chili chicken enchilada casserole. I usually make it a few times outta the year for my family but for the holidays I take out the BIG tray and make a really big one for the family gatherings.

Niina : What's the best part about being an author? And what’s the worst?

Elizabeth : The best part is doing what I absolutely love for a living. I think that's what everybody dreams of doing in life. There is nothing like getting lost in a story especially one where you call the shots. I say that but my characters really call the shots. A lot times I'm just as shocked as the readers are I'm sure about the turns my stories sometimes take.

The worst? Self doubt. No matter how many people tell me they've loved my stories/characters it's so hard not to focus on the few that have said they hated them. It's silly really but I think I'm getting better with it now. I think the worst part about being an author will soon be not being able to write fast enough! The stories just come to me nonstop!   

Niina : If your book Always Been Mine were made into a movie who would you cast as the leads?

Elizabeth :  Wow. I've been meaning to get a page up on my blog and have the readers vote and nominate who would play them. For Valerie it would have to be someone very petite but playfully sexy. Maybe a blonde Rachel McAdams. And Alex would be tough because he has to be big and beautiful. Immediately Channing Tatum because he has the whole intense thing down, although I think he'd make a better Romero, if he buffed up some more he may just be able to pull off playing Alex.      

Niina : I luv Channing Tatum, good choice! ;) Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions: 

Night or day? in the winter day in the summer night.
Pick-up or Mini-van? Pick-up
Beer or Wine? Yes please. lol
Boots or Heels? used to be heels these days its boots
M&Ms: With or Without Peanuts?  With!
Treats: Sweet or Salty? Salty
Pizza or Burger? Pizza
Date: Going to Park or Going to Movies? Park you can't talk at the movies!
Friends or Will & Grace? Friends
Drama or Comedy? Drama
Winter or Summer? Winter
Jewels or Chocolates? Jewels
Men: Alpha-male or submissive? Alpha all the way!
Men: Clean Shaven or Stubble? yes please!
Women: Talkative or wallflowers? Talkative
Women: Curvy or Slim? Curvy
Tattoos or Piercings? Tattoos
Bad boys or good guys? bad bad bad >;)
Brunettes or Blonds? Brunettes
Vampires or werewolves? Werewolves I like them hot blooded!
Cops or Cowboys? Cops
Time-Travel or Sci-fi? Time-Travel
Romance or Erotica/Erotic Romance? Depends on my mood but usually Hot romance
Male POV or Female POV (Point Of View)? Both
Times New Roman or Courier? TNR
Pens or pencils? Pens

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Elizabeth! Any news would you like to share with your readers , or websites they can check out?

Elizabeth : Thanks for having me this was fun! For updates on all my upcoming projects including teasers and sneak peeks and covers to my new series 5th Street visit my website or blog and follow me on Twitter @AuthorElizabeth

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I was born and raised and continue to live in sunny southern California. I'm married and have two wonderful teens. My love for writing began when I was just a kid though, I never really had any dreams or aspirations of doing it for a living. Then along came the age of eReaders and I saw an opportunity to get my writing out for the world to read without jumping through hoops and getting past the red tape of trying to get traditionally published. The Moreno Brothers series has literally changed my life. I now wake up to go to work a few yards from my bed.
Forever Mine is the first in the series and is currently still free on Amazon but I anticipate that changing real soon. Always Been Mine is the second in the series, then Sweet Sofie and recently released Romero is the fourth. Making You Mine is the fifth in the series and will be available tentatively this December 2011. I already have another series in mind that will immediately follow this one. ( No I won't be taking any vacations from writing! ) I will have more info sneak and peeks of that series which will be out in 2012. But I have so many other stories screaming to be told I only wish I could write faster!

I love hearing from my readers and try to always respond as soon as I can, so feel free to reach out!

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