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Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have the author of "Book of Prophecies" Cesar stopping by today with a cool Guest Blog titled "The Future In Your Dreams", without much further ado here you go! And if you have guestions or comment don't be afraid to leave them here, theres a good chance to get answers straight from the author!

The Future In Your Dreams
by Cesar

        I would say that more than a fair few people think that foretelling the future is a load of rubbish. Of course I would love nothing more than to sit down and discuss it in depth with them, I love to have the odd philosophical debate. But I have to say that I too, once thought that foretelling the future was just nonsense.

        Let me tell you a quick story about my own experiences that resulted in me changing how I viewed the future. When I was eight years old I was going through a pretty rough time. One outcome was that I began to have re-occurring dreams about a bridge and something floating in the water of a canal. I remember being haunted by these dreams for a long time until they eventually faded away, maybe returning only once a year or so.

        Then in my mid-twenties I had a massive turn of events in my life, an end to a marriage, severe depression and an end to attending church. I even ran away to a foreign country and slept on the sofa at a friend’s house; it was a desperate situation, but three days later, one of my friends went missing and I joined the search party.

        There I was, in the passenger seat of the car and for some unknown reason the memory of that dream came flooding back into my mind. I asked the driver to stop and I got out, and I walked to a nearby canal, which was shockingly similar to my dream, and there I found my friend, not drowned in the water, but at the waters edge planning to jump.

        Indeed many people dismiss dreams all too easily I think, today psychology has taken over to make explanations that has led many people to believe that dreams belong only to the subconscious part of our mind, a wrong assumption in my mind. Dreams have often been called visions in the past, viewed as something that foretold the future, and visions form part of the history of most religions around the world. So next time that you find yourself having a dream, maybe you should write it down, maybe even buy a dream interpretation book, as that very dream may be telling you something about your future.

Niina : I personally do believe in foretelling the future... in fact I tell the future all the time with my tarot cards, it is though, that the future we are going to have changes with every action we take, if we stay inactive our future will be what was once told - but if we take action we begin on our journey to a new future. I love the future, it's intriquining, but I love the Present even more... and I try to make sure it's always a Great one!

Cesar has a very experienced background in the spiritual world. He was brought up in a Christian family, but branched out from that base as he got older, seeking answers about the world around him, and the spiritual world around him. 

In his mid-twenties dramatic events occurred in his life which challenged his very existence, but he learned from these experienced and most of learned that how that life is not just in our own hands. Now Cesar is a firm believer that everyone has their own path to walk in life, and part of that walk is all about the choices that you make. Some people choose a good life and some a wicked life, but most of us live the life in the middle, influenced by the world around us and our own upbringing, Cesar understands that life is simply not black and white.

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