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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Valentine’s Giveaway Prices!
The giveaway is open to US Shipping only!

E Van Lowe is giving away a signed set of his books:  Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel

Along with a fun Valentine theme YA Gift Basket containing a plush puppy, a heart mug, an ARC of Wintertow by Stephen Emond, devil socks, devil and angel duckies, RockStar Sweethearts, Red Hots Lip Balm, Bath and Body Works pocket bac, and travel size Pink Chiffon lotion, pencils and a Bewitching Book Tours bookmark!

Book Reviews
by E Van Lowe

         I have a friend who, a long time ago, while in high school did (what I thought at the time) was the most daring thing.  It was a Saturday evening in the spring. He had a book report due in Monday.  He hadn’t read a book.  Rather than comb his memory for vestiges of the one book he had read back in the seventh grade, he chose a road less travelled.  He made it up.  Not just the book report—he made up the entire book.
         I could never do that.  But sometimes it seems when I am reading the review of a book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen that that’s exactly what the reviewer did—they made it up.  They couldn’t have possibly read the same book I read, because there review sounds nothing like the book.  That’s my problem with reviews. They’re not necessarily accurate.  I find many reviewers adding their own meanings or biases to books and movies.

         Last Sunday night I was at the WGA Christmas party.  I met two people there who both gave me their review of the movie War Horse.  They were husband and wife, so I am assuming they saw the movie together, and yet if you didn’t know better you’d swear they were not talking about the same movie. 

         As a writer I’d like to know that the people reviewing my work actually completed the work, and if they didn’t finish reading it, I’d like them to say so.  No writer enjoys a bad review, but when you read a review of your Martian novel and it sounds like the reviewer is talking about mermaids it can be infuriating.

         My novel Boyfriend From Hell has some pretty accurate reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon.  I’ve read good things about the novel’s great pacing, as well as not so good things, like the lack of chemistry between the male and female leads.  In all the reviews, however, good or bad, I felt the reviewer actually read the book. Thank you.

         Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel are both on sale on Amazon and B&N. There’s a free sample of Boyfriend From Hell available on my website Read it for yourself, form your own opinion, and hopefully you’ll agree with most folks that they are great reads.  By the way, I am going to see War Horse today.

Have you read one of E Van Lowe's books before?

The giveaway is open to US Shipping only!

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