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Saturday, February 25, 2012


"Eleven multi-published adult content authors tantalize and tease your every desire with original erotica. Whatever your persuasion you will find something to satisfy your need for spicy stories and sensual sex. Be it m/f, m/m or even groups, you'll find it here. Short stories, monthly serials, sex toy reviews, sex in history articles, and excerpts from published erotica writers."

Author: Anthology, multiple Authors
Published: RH Publishing on November 2011
Pages and Form: 300 Pages / E-book
Genre: Erotica Fiction (18+ Only)
Series: Everything Erotic #7, #8 and #9
Amazon: Buy / $5.47 (Kindle) ( EU price, click to see US price )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $2.99 (Nook)
Excerpt: Just A Bite (full novellette)

Alice Gaines - She includes three segments each of her serials The Adventures of Wonderslut, a heroine who battles for the non-orgasmic, and The Voluptuous Correspondence of Lady X.
Boone Brux - A two part erotic story, "The Girl Who Cried Wolf", a short story, "Lady Amelia", and one Sexy History segment.
C.J. Ellisson - Two chapters of More Than Tolerable, a sex toy review, and a short story, "Active Duty: Infantry"
Danielle Gavan - "Rien du Tout" and three chapters to her novelette, Unwrapped.
Delilah Devlin - Two short stories, "All About Me" and "Textile Free", and an excerpt from Pleasing Sir, her bestselling erotica novella.
Greta Goddard - Two short stories, "Getting Back on the Horse", "Perfection".
Melissa Ecker - Three short stories: "Strictly Research", "Treat Me Like a Princess", and "Luck of the Irish".
M.K. Elliott - Short Stories: "Saved at Sea", "A Rough Ride", and an excerpt from her novella, Deadly Beauty.
Nickie Asher - Nickie shares three parts of two serial stories, Lord of Shadows, and her new western, Flying Figure Ranch.
Scarlett Jameson - Three story stories, "Decadent Virgin", "Convention-al Affair", and the last of her Hot series, "A Hot Proposal".
Whitley Gray - Three parts to her on-going hospital series, Meredith Medical Center.

Everything Erotic 7, 8 & 9 is collection of monthly serials of erotica stories. From short sex stories to sex toy reviews this book is all about erotica! You can order the Everything Erotic Blog to your Kindle in America (no to Europe) for your 3 days a week erotica kick.

I've read few collections and it's fun to follow the serials, Wonderslut for kicks and giggles, Meredith Medical Center for hot docs and Boone Bruxes crazy fairytales to erotica stories where Bo Peep, Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan makes their appearances ( and in this edition the big bad wolf, well Howl to that! ;) ), for Bruxes' story check out the excerpt below!

The erotica writers in this book are the top of their league, the writing is top notch, the stories are interesting, they build up to the action and more often than not have romantic tones with either married couples, dating couples, or meeting of two or more consenting adults. This is definitely for women, we like our naughty stories to have romance, or else to us it's not quite as believable. A women would not jump just anyone's bones, there has to be attraction, a chance for more - and Everything Erotic is a perfect match for that.

Read Pool Side and tell me if you agree! ;)

Rating :

Volume IV 
Pumpkin’s Great Escape 
By Boone Brux

          The radio announcer’s voice filled the confines of the rescue vehicle. “Breaking news—The Pixie Dust Processing Plant exploded earlier today, sending a cloud of Frisky Fairy Dust a thousand feet in the air. No fatalities have been reported, but the atmosphere at the explosion site is said to be agitated. Pixie Falls’ emergency teams ask citizens to keep clear of the neighborhood and give crews a chance to secure the area.           A spokes-person from the plant advises people to “Stay inside until the dust settles.”
Sirens warned drivers to the side of the road, as Peter wove his way through the traffic, lights blazing.
          “I’m sure she’s okay, man. The report said nobody was killed.”
          Peter cut a glance to his partner, Jack, who tried his best to exude reassurance. “Thanks, I’m sure you’re right. What about Jill?”
          “Naw, she took the day off. Said she’s gonna stand over the plumber until he finishes installing the new hot tub. She refuses to let me lug water from the old well anymore.”
          “A wife’s concern—must be nice.”
          “Things still not good between you and Pumpkin?”
          Peter shook his head. “Same ol’—same ol’. I ask but do not receive.” He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “I’m a freakin’ paramedic. You’d think I could breathe some life back into our sex life.”
          “You know the old saying, ‘You can’t lead a dead horse to water’.”
          Peter arched an eyebrow. “I think it’s ‘lead a horse to water’.”
          “Whatever, if the horse is dead you can’t lead it or make it drink, and you definitely shouldn’t bone it.” Jack paused. “Is your horse dead, Peter, cause I have pills for that?”
          “My horse is just fine, a damn stallion as-a-matter-of-fact. It’s Pumpkin’s horse that’s destined for the glue factory. She’s always like—‘Not tonight, Peter, I’m too tired.’ Or—‘Geez Peter, don’t you think of anything else?’”
          “How long has it been since you got any?”
          “I vaguely remember a mercy fuck a few months ago.”
          Jack let out a long whistle of pity. “Now that’s messed up.”
          “Tell me about it.”
          Dozens of flashing lights issued from what appeared to be every emergency vehicle in the county. Peter slowed the ambulance to a crawl as a cop in a respirator waved them forward. Weaving his way through the crush, he stopped the ambulance, and stared.
          “What the f…?” His question hung in the air as he and Jack leaned forward in an effort to get a clearer view.
          “Is that what I think it is?” Jack asked.
          The scene before them looked like the aftermath of a battle. Bodies spread across the manicured lawn of the Pixie Processing Plant. Only the people weren’t dead—far from it. Bodies writhed and undulated in every sex act known to man.
          “Whoa,” Jack whispered. “I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven.”
          A loud rap on the window snapped Peter from his daze. With great effort, he pulled his gaze from the carnal battlefield and looked at the man on the other side of the window. Peter squinted, trying to identify the officer behind the mask. The man pointed to his respirator and back at Peter and Jack.
          “I think he wants us to put our masks on.” Peter reached over the seat, retrieved two masks, and held one out to Jack.
          Jack stared at the offered respirator. “Do you really think that’s necessary?”
          “Take it unless you want to be trippin’ on Frisky Dust.” Peter shook the mask at his partner, but Jack didn’t take it.
          Instead, he raised his eyebrows as if contemplating the possibility. “Well now, that is the dilemma. Can Jill really get mad if I succumbed to Frisky Dust in the line of duty and happened to bang a few willing victims while under the influence?”
          Peter shoved the mask into Jack’s chest. “Put it on—that’s an order.”
          They exited the ambulance with respirators securely in place. It took all of Peter’s willpower not to gawk at the mass orgy taking place on the lawn.
          “Nice of you boys to join us.” Officer Sprat crossed his arms over his chest and stood wide-legged. Amusement danced in his eyes. “There aren’t any injuries so grab your oxygen and start clearing some heads.”
          “Uh, how are we supposed to do that?” Peter asked.
          Officer Sprat slapped him on the back. “That’s up to you Peter. You’re the paramedic, not me. But I sure look forward to watching you work.” He turned and walked away, his laughter billowing behind him.
          “Finally, a crisis worthy of my skill,” Jack said.
          With oxygen tanks at the ready, they moved into the mass of gyrating bodies. Tits and asses bobbed—bounced—and shimmied.
          “One man should not have to resist this much temptation,” Jack mumbled.
          Peter silently agreed. It had been so long since he’d had anything resembling sex and now—here he was—wading through a lake of lust. His cock tightened. He tried to ignore the swelling but when the moans of pleasure and grunting enveloped him, he almost shamed himself.       
          “Where do we start?” Jack said.
          “Right here,” purred a voice below them.
          Peter looked down and watched Little Bo Peep crawl toward them. Her exposed, pink nipples giving the name of Peep a whole new meaning.
          “Hey Bo, lookin’ good,” Jack leered.
          She rose up on her knees and cupped her breasts. “I’m feeling even better. Wanna find out?”
          “Well—since you’re offering.” Jack’s hand inched forward, but Peter pushed it away.
          “Are you crazy? Don’t you know who she’s dating?” Jack shrugged and shook his head. “Wolfgang Von Pelt.”
          “That crazy, shape-shifting florist?”
          “The same and if he catches your scent on Bo’s peep, you’re a dead man.”
          “Damn.” Jack jumped back and out of Bo’s reach. “Well, if you’ve got this under control—I’m gonna go help…” He scanned the crowd. “Red. She looks like she could use of a breath of fresh air.” Not waiting for an answer, Jack bolted, leaving Peter to deal with the randy shepherdess.

          “Peter,” she cooed. “I seemed to have lost my staff.” Bo walked her fingers up his calf to the inside of his thigh.
          The closer her digits traveled to his package, the more it swelled. “Uh, sorry to hear that, Bo.”
          A dainty pout formed on her lips. “Can I use yours?” Her hand swept up and rubbed his erection. “Oh, it’s so much bigger than mine.”
          Words stuck in Peter’s throat as she fondled and stroked Little Peter to life. Damn, it had been too long. Big Peter had meant to refuse Bo the use of his staff. He’d meant to apply the oxygen mask to her. Yet, as her nibble fingers caressed and teased him, all rational thought bled from his mind.
          With aching slowness, Bo reached up and popped the button of his pants. The zipper crept down a little on its own as his cock pushed against its confines. Bo pinched the little brass tab and tugged, unzipping him and setting his cock free. Holding his breath, he watched as Bo’s blond head move toward his erection, and when she wrapped her hand and lips around him his knees nearly buckled. To hell with Von Pelt. He wasn’t so tough.

           More at Everything Erotic Volume 4

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