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Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's now time to announce the winner of the Silver and Stone Giveaway!

Alexis is sixteen, about to start senior year in gorgeous old Weatherford Prepatory School, a building with history all the way back from the beginning of 1800’s. Alexis' history is newer she’s had a summer that she wishes had never happened, she had to defend herself which led to the death of her mother – now she is the outcast of her preppy, Chanel and D&G wearing school mates. Her boyfriend joined forces with Alexis' past friend and that betrayal still stings. But luckily she still has few friends, but it doesn’t change the fact that is now a heartless monster, even she can see that.

Every night she wakes up to nightmares, knowing they are more than just dreams, but it’s not clear what they are and what they mean. Nonetheless they are terrifying, someone is after her, every night.

The school has a new student and Alexis a new neighbor, the dark, tall and handsome Lucas doesn’t seem too concerned with Alexis' past, she worries what getting involved with Lucas might do to her heart as boys are trouble, and her heart cannot take any more pain. But Lucas seems to heal her and she smiles for the first time since her mother passes away. ~ from my review

The winner was picked with help of among the participants who gave their email addresses at the Interview/Giveaway entry HERE.


The Winner is...

Giselle Cormier!

Personal e-mail is on the away!

Thank you J.D. Thompson for giving a way a copy of your amazing book!
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