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Visual presentation is the key! Your book can be as great as the best of them, but with bad cover it's not going to get pick up as easily. People do judge a book by it's Cover. 

As a book reviewer I know how important a good covers is, wither it's sexy for romance, dark and mysterious for a thriller or light for contemporary,independent authors need great covers to boost sales and peak interest - and I can help you with that!

To see what my Cover Portfolio see the covers here, Testimonials and on the Pre-Made page.
It’s my job to make sure you’ll get a cover that will grab a reader and be the best teaser for your book, after all cover is the first thing people see - and if it grabs their attention they move on to the reading it!

How does this work? I find original images and design your cover with low-res stock images. Then once you are satisfied with the results, I download a high-res version of your image and finalize your cover.

"EBook Covers: 5 Reasons Paying A Designer Pays Off" by Dave Navarro

So let’s make a cover for you that will get your book into your readers’ hands!

E-book Prices : 
Starter 25$ (1 image, detail  photoshopping and text)
Simple 45$ (2 images, detail photoshopping and text) 
Classic 55$ (3 images, detail photoshopping and text)
High End 75$ (5 images, detail photoshopping and text)
Full Jacket +40$ (price of the cover you choose +30$ for back cover and +10$ for the spine)

See the The Book Cover Form to Contact me! 


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