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Friday, August 30, 2013


Breathless Press Fourth Anniversary

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.
Our mission statement is simple : 
To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price. Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Carrie, I’m glad you could make it!

Carrie Pulkinen : Hi! Thanks so much for having me!

Niina : Okay I got to ask! Your last name is Finnish (and I’m Finnish), are we related? ;) Nah! What’s the story here?

Carrie : We might be! Ha ha. My dad's grandfather, Eino, immigrated to the US from Finland. They lived in Washington state. My dad's father moved to Texas for work, so that's why I live so far South. I think most Finns live up North. Usually only other Finnish people recognize where my name is from. Most people think it's Polish!

Niina : How dare they ;) Tell us little about your participation on this Breathless Press Fourth Anniversary blog tour?

Carrie : I've been with BP for three of their four years, so I'm just making the rounds to help promote a fantastic publisher.

Niina : How long have you been writing, or have you always been writing?

Carrie : I've been published in fiction for about three years. I've always had a knack for writing, but fiction has been a more recent endeavor. I spent the first ten years of my professional life teaching journalism to high school students.

Niina : How did you come to pick your genre?

Carrie : I didn't pick the genre. The genre picked me! I just decided to try to write a novel one day, and a paranormal romance came out. The next book I wrote was another paranormal romance, and so was the next. I never said, "Hmm…I think I’m going to be a paranormal romance author." Those are just the kinds of stories that swim around in my brain, I suppose.

Niina : What's the best part about being an author? And what’s the worst?

Carrie : The best part is getting to be creative. I love making up people, worlds, and stories. If I don't like the way things are going, I can change them. Maybe I'm a bit of a control freak! The worst is probably writer's block. When I know how I want the story to go, but I just can't get the words out.

Niina : What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Carrie : That's a tough one. I guess I don't recognize anything as a quirk. Hmm… I do tend to think of my characters as real people, and most of the time they tell me how the story is going to go. I also don't plot. I just start writing and see where the story takes me.

Niina : What’s the best compliment you've received on your writing? And who complimented you?

Carrie : I sent Reawakened to my friend, Jeana. She reads all my books before I send them to a publisher. Her response was, "Could. Not. Put. It. Down." She read the book in two days. That was an awesome compliment!

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Which Disney Prince would you pick if you had to choose?

Carrie : Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. He's so dreamy!

Niina : LOL! Is there a natural wonder of the world you would like to visit?

Carrie : The Great Barrier Reef is amazing. I went there about ten years ago, but I was one of four adults in charge of 40 teenagers. It was a bit…hectic! I'd love to go back with my family some day.

Niina : What’s the number 1 thing you like to do when you are not writing?

Carrie : I’m a mom first, and an author second. When I’m not writing, I'm spending time with my two little girls.

Niina : Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions:

Trees or Shops? Trees
Football or Nascar? Neither
Boots or Sexy heels? Boots
Shots or Wine? Wine
Movie: Popcorn or Hard candy? Popcorn
Date: Going on a picnic or Going to a winery? Winery
Scarier: Ghosts or Demons? Demons
Men: Alpha-male or Sexy nerds? Nerds
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Good Guys
Dresses or pant suits? Dresses
Men in the bedroom: Dominating or Gentle? Dominating
Sexier: Man who can sing or man who can cook? Cook
Romance: Knights or Kings? Knights
Romance: Fallen Angels or Sexy Demons? Demons
Romance: Doctors or Cowboys? Doctors
Romance: Shifters or Vampires? Vampires
Sexier: Kisses or Licks? Kisses
Sexier : A guy holding your hand or touching your hair? Touching my hair
Sexier : Flimsy lingerie or Trench-coat only? lingerie
Romance or Erotic Romance? Erotic Romance

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Carrie, come back any day!

Carrie : Thanks so much! It was fun!

"Guarding April is a hard day's work. But opening his heart to love her could be the end of life as he knows it.

April May Carter, a twenty-nine-year-old small town high school teacher, dreams of finding a man to whisk her away from the Hicksville she's stuck in. She wants it all—the husband, the house, the kids, the car. But her dreams of living the perfect life are shattered during a school shooting.

Damian is supposed to keep April safe. He's an angel, but you wouldn't guess that judging from his attitude. A tragic event in his past has left him so bitter and resentful that he won't let anyone get close. But the moment, Damian sees April, he's blindsided by the beauty. She awakens a part of his soul he thought had long ago burned out.

April should hate him, but she sees through his abrasive exterior and finds the compassionate, loving man beneath. Can Damian let go of his past, accept his responsibilities, and let her love him? Or will he spend the rest of his existence alone and miserable?"

Buy Links << Amazon / Breathless Press / Barnes and Noble << Buy Links

Grand Prize: 1 Kindle Fire
Second Prize: $25.00 Gift Card for Breathless Press
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Fourth Prize: 10 x $5.00 Gift Cards for Breathless Press (individual gift cards, 1 per person)

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She turned back to Damian, but the moment was gone. The overwhelming need to lay it all out for him gave way to her practical side. He'd have to let go of his past before he could make a future with her. Besides, she wanted to hear him say it first.

Sitting across the table from the most beautiful Angel in Heaven was like a dream. He knew about her desire to travel, and bringing her here was the perfect setting for their first official date.

Her smile brightened the entire room, and her eyes sparkled as she admired the architecture. "When was this place built? It's incredible."

"Around the twelfth century. It's beautiful, isn't it? And it really hasn't changed much since then."

"You were here when this was built?"

He shrugged. "Sure. I told you, I'm as old as dirt."

She giggled until she was gasping for air. Her laugh was like beautiful melody in his ears.

"Wow. I'm on a date with a geezer. How gross."

"Well, maybe I shouldn't be robbing the cradle. Isn't there a law about that?" He winked, and they both laughed.

"I am not a child, mister. I'm more woman than you could handle."

"Mmm...We'll see about that. You ready to get out of here? See the sights?"

"I'd love to."

He savored one last bite of his meal, and then led her out into the street. They ambled, hand-in-hand, through a courtyard and down three blocks of cobblestone. The Leaning Tower of Pisa stood just across the street, and he paused to watch her reaction.

But she wasn't looking at the tower; she was gazing up at him. Her eyes were more beautiful than the Italian countryside, and he forgot all about the sights of the city. He forgot about everything else in the world when he leaned down to kiss her.

Her lips were so soft, her taste so sweet, his head spun. He shouldn't have been kissing her. He needed to take it slowly, but he didn't care. At that moment, the only thing that mattered was having April in his arms.

She slid her hands over his shoulders and pulled him closer. He could have drowned in her essence right there on the sidewalk. The need to be with her surged through his body, and he had to pull away before he took her to his bedroom and made love to her all day.

He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and tried to find his voice. But what could he say?

Her expression was one of anticipation. Longing. She looked at him like she wanted him. "That was...nice."

"Yeah, it was."

She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest. "We should do it more often."

"Sounds good to me."

"Oh my gosh! It's the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

He chuckled. "Yeah. That's what I brought you here to see. Want to get a closer look?"

"Uh, yeah."

They darted across the busy street and walked up the path to the tower. She put her hand over her heart as she admired the structure.

"It's amazing that the foundation shifted so much for it to lean like that. But it still stands. They just don't make 'em like that anymore." She grinned and tousled his hair. "But I bet you remember when it stood straight."

He felt the heat rush to his cheeks, though he didn't know why he was embarrassed. He shrugged and kicked at the dirt with his foot. "Yeah. I guess I remember. But it's no big deal. A thousand years from now, we'll be looking at present day skyscrapers and saying, 'Remember when'."

"True. But I bet skyscrapers won't be around a thousand years from now."

"Wanna put money on it?"

She flashed a mischievous grin. "Okay. I'll give you a trillion dollars if they're still standing in a thousand years."

"You're on."

"But that means you'll still have to be speaking to me. No more games."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "You don't have to worry about that."

They spent the rest of the afternoon lazily roaming the city. They strolled along the river bank and settled on a patch of grass in a secluded spot to watch the sunset. If only Angels had the ability to freeze time; he could have lived in that moment forever.

With his arms wrapped around her, she snuggled into his side and sighed. "Thank you for this. The whole day, you, everything. It was perfect."

He closed his eyes and inhaled her sweet scent. The day really was perfect. She was perfect, and he didn't want it to end.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


"What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David’s best friend Kim, turns into a night of seduction and sexual discovery.

Always relegated to the friend zone, David is determined to show Kim what she’s been missing…one erogenous zone at a time. Sure, their friendship is on the line. And sure, David’s hiding a motive larger than either him or Kim. But the second his hands touch her smooth skin, he just doesn’t care anymore.

Kim’s been so focused on the loss of her sports career that she’s had no time for romance or sex. But her response to David can’t be denied. Is it just that her body’s been missing out, or could her heart be involved too?"

Interview Coming Soon!

Kathy Lyons writes light, funny, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze.  She loves the faster pace of category books and that her humor can shine through.

She leaves the dark, tortured love stories to her alter ego, USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee.

Visit them both on the web at  or 





Street Team: 


A Hero to the Rescue
by Sarah Mäkelä

Some authors, readers, and reviewers tend to look for the Independent Woman capable of protecting herself and the hero, and I have to say I love stories were the heroine rescues the hero. They show that no matter who needs help that the other person in the relationship will risk their lives to help their loved ones.

However, I think there’s something innately sexy about having a man nearly feral with emotions to burst through the door to the rescue at just the right time. Hollywood does this really well, and the Taken movies are great examples. I’m not sure what I find most appealing about it. Maybe knowing it takes a guy who is very devoted to his family to behave in that way.

Of course, we've moved on from a time where women were put in the role of Damsel in Distress. If every story were written like that again, it’d get old, but the allure of having a hero who would lay down his life to protect his heroine... wow!

In Saved by Moonlight, the hero is a werewolf, which just adds that edge of his uncontrollable need to make sure his mate is safe. Werewolves are my favorite types of heroes, probably for that reason... and well, they’re werewolves! What’s not to love? They’re wild and yet loyal since wolves mate for life.

Thanks for having me here today, Niina!

Niina : It was great to have you come by anytime! I have to say the Uncontrollable Need to make sure their mate is safe is definitely why I enjoy Werewolf Romances as well. ;D

"A werewolf reveals what he is to save the love of his life...  When Sylvi comes home to find someone lurking in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, she realizes her life is in danger. Lukas arrives in time to defend her from the intruder, but she's shocked to learn Lukas is really a werewolf! Can their love survive his revelation?"

         Sylvi turned off the shower and dried herself. She wrapped the large bath towel around her then set off to grab the cordless phone from the living room. There weren't any flashing lights on the phone to indicate that Lukas had called. Disappointment fluttered in her chest before she shoved it away.
         He probably had a busy schedule filled with meetings and schmoozing galore.
         She headed for the bedroom and paused in the hallway, staring at the closed door. Had she closed it this morning? Lukas couldn't be here since he would have come out to greet her. However, he wouldn't close the bedroom door either. They had no reason to.
         She chewed on her lower lip and looked down at the phone. Her thumb hovered over the number nine. Should she call the police? What if no one was there? What if she'd had a strange memory lapse? She'd look like an idiot.
         Stop acting like a child, she scolded herself.
         Taking a deep breath, she jerked the door open and flipped on the light. Her gaze raked the room. It was decorated in delicate shades of blue and white. She and Lukas had done this together, as a team. The memory brought a smile to her face. Until she saw him...
         Demetrius stood by the window overlooking the street, staring into the rainy night. She knew it was him by his overwhelmingly muscular build and shoulder-length brown hair. How had he found her after all these years? They'd experienced a short, wild rendezvous before she'd come to Florida, but it was so over!
         "What are you doing here?" Her voice shook slightly. He turned to face her, and she stepped back toward the door.
         Tension rose and filled the air.
         "Hello to you, too." He stalked over to the bed. His hands splayed over the blue velvet comforter.          "Mmm... Soft. You certainly do have superb taste." The bed groaned under his weight as he crawled onto the mattress and stared at her.
         "What do you want?" Sylvi shivered and pressed herself against the doorframe. She had to get out of here. There was no telling what he'd do, especially with her being so vulnerable.
         Demetrius licked his lips and ran his gaze over her as if willing her towel away. "You."
         "That's too bad because --" Sylvi's words cut off as Demetrius jumped at her in a graceful leap.
         He closed the distance between them like a predator. "You were saying?" A smug grin caressed his lips.
         "I was trying to say I have a boyfriend." She took a step into the hallway, but he grabbed her upper arm and pulled her against his chest. She was five foot five inches, and yet the top of her head barely reached his shoulder. Even when they'd lusted after each other, his towering stature had intimidated her.
         "I don't see anyone else here." He glanced around the room pointedly.
         She shivered, but not entirely from the cool air conditioning. Tendrils of fear chased down her spine.

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Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author, but she’s written all over the romance spectrum with cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy...even a sweet contemporary romance!

A life-long paranormal fan, she still sleeps with a night-light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies (and Ghost Adventures), and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"Hiding behind the anguish from my past, my coyness seeps off of me like an aroma. I have felt like a stranger in my own skin, trying to claw my way out for far too long, allowing very few people to see past my façade…until my eyes met with his. I felt a sudden rush of energy all the way to my core. It jolted me in ways I never thought possible.

Never in a million years would I have expected to be in the mess I am today. It all leads back to the night Parker Porter turned my world upside down. The night his hazel eyes undressed me, peeling away the layers of the woman I tried so hard to be. He awoke desires that burned deep within me and changed me in one quick glance, leaving me vulnerable and exposed, picking up the shattered pieces of my carefully constructed life…a life I should not be living…a life I was not born into, but placed into by the state of Maine.

Parker opened a door that I am far from closing until I have answers and am able to face the life I was destined to live. I just have to decide if his love is worth the mess."

Title: A Graceful Mess
Author: Nacole Stayton
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Photographer: Toski
Cover Designed By:  Perfect Pear Creative 
Event organized by: Literati Author Services 

“They say be careful of the quiet ones.” ~Grace
Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit language and sexual encounters.

Coming Soon!
I made a small itty bitty mistake of scheduling this for next week - smart me - anyway I'll start this up today and should have the review up in a day or two. :D

2 ~ signed paperbacks of A Graceful Mess
1 ~ A Graceful Mess Tumbler
5  ~ eBooks of A Graceful Mess ( gifted from Amazon )
       10 ~ bracelets w/postcards

Christian “Nacole” Stayton is twenty-something years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass state. She spends her days working at a local hospital in the billing department and nights writing vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors, Nacole enjoys the finer things in life like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. She is passionate about her faith, family and The Bachelor. Her hair color changes with the seasons and she has a weakness for tattoos, iced coffee, and happy endings.

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Monday, August 26, 2013



ALL NEW sexy contemporary stories from

Cynthia Eden
Alexandra Ivy
Katie Reus
Elisabeth Naughton
Joan Swan
Laura Wright

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Six New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors bring you six all-new contemporary and super sexy suspense stories of first loves, first attractions, first temptations, first times and first obsessions.

FIRST EXPOSURE by Elisabeth Naughton
A film that could make her career. A weekend that will change her life…
When actress Avery Scott’s assistant goes missing researching a role for Avery at an exclusive adults-only resort, Avery finds herself with only one choice: travel to the resort herself and look for clues. She hires an elite operative from Aegis Security to accompany her. She just doesn’t expect to get former undercover FBI agent Cade Blackwell—the man who ripped out her teenage heart twelve years before. One weekend at the sexiest resort in the world with the only man she’s ever loved will expose her to more than just a kinky new lifestyle. It’ll expose her to numerous wicked firsts that will test every ounce of her self-control. And if she’s not careful, she could lose her heart—and her life—in the process.Visit Elisabeth's website to find more of her incredible books.

FIRST RAPTURE by Alexandra Ivy
Madison Philips has only one reason to return to Las Vegas: Luc Angeli. The tall, dark bad boy took her virginity on her eighteenth birthday and then walked away, now she’s back, and ready for revenge. Luc Angeli spent his youth trying to earn the approval of his philandering father. Now he’s his own man, but there’s still something missing from his life. He doesn’t know what it is until he catches sight of Madison across a balcony. Suddenly he knows this woman is what he’s been searching for, and this time he’s not walking away.Visit Alexandra's website to find more of her incredible books.

Hot sex. No regrets. Jess Delaney has spent her life playing the role of the good-girl. On a trip to Vegas, she decides to walk on the wild side when she meets mysterious Blake Landon. Rich, powerful, and carrying plenty of secrets, Blake is unlike any man she has ever met before. But as the passion burns between them, danger waits in the darkness…a danger that may just claim Jess’s life…Visit Cynthia's website to find more of her incredible books.

FIRST INK by Laura WrightRush
Women in his bed, celebs and rockers in his chair, life is pretty freaking swell. Then she walks back into it again. Not for pleasure, but for pain. For Ink. A bleeding heart to match the one she left him with five years ago.AddisonShe can’t forget him or the pain she caused him. All she has is a hope for redemption. But it’ll only work if he lets her inside his exclusive world, under his famous artist’s needle and into his bed—once again.Visit Laura's website to find more of her incredible books

He’s dangerous, sexy, and everything she wants. And he’s about to make his claim…
Hayden, the dangerously sexy, tattooed ex-SEAL is one of the best friends Sierra has ever had—and the main star in her wildest fantasies. But he doesn’t see her that way. And she’d die of embarrassment if he found out she was still a virgin.
Hayden’s struggled to keep his attraction to the beautiful, dark haired casino chef a secret. But when an attacker targets Sierra, Hayden’s protective instincts go into overdrive. With the attraction between them burning out of control, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and make her his.Visit Katie's website to find more of her incredible books

Counterterrorist agent Taft Walker is up for the challenge of posing as an adult store owner with a new female undercover partner who is also a sex-toy virgin. At least until he sees the real woman beneath her tough façade.
Border Patrol Agent Zoe Brooks is ready to get off the front lines. She’s willing to tolerate a swaggering partner like Taft for a new opportunity. But she’s not prepared for the way he understands her deepest, sexiest desires.Visit Joan's website to find more of her incredible books


Taft grimaced, then introduced himself under his alias. “Walker Ellis.”

“Cesar Cantos,” he said, releasing Taft’s hand, then gesturing to his associate. “Victor Vasquez.” He glanced around the store. “Your beautiful lady tells us you've taken over the shop from Ms. Cruise.”

“Living the dream, right?” Taft said.

Cesar’s gaze paused on Brooks, who’d released his arm and stepped back. She was still smiling, but Taft picked up a new edge to her mood. Something decidedly stiff in her façade.

If Cesar noticed, he didn't show it as his dark gaze traveled over her like a touch. “The American dream, for sure. What’s your favorite toy, señorita?”

Apprehension pinched Taft’s gut. He prepared to respond for her, but Brooks turned her smile up full wattage.

“That’s a little like choosing a favorite pet, isn't it?” She glanced around the store and started to wander with extra sway in her step. “Walker, honey, which do you think is my favorite?”

Cesar turned a speculative gaze on Taft, who thought of a particular apparatus he’d like to use on Brooks. He strolled toward the shelf where it resided and opened the lid while returning to the group where Victor now moved closer.

“Sugar.” Taft added heat to his voice and shot a heavy-lidded look at Brooks. “This one turns you inside out.”

“Oh.” Brooks gave a breathy laugh and put her hand to her chest. “You know me so well.”

“What is it?” Victor asked, his keen gaze finally off every move Taft made and on the neoprene pads Taft slipped over his fingers.

Cesar shot a look over his shoulder toward Victor. “Miniature vibrators.”

“It’s a brand-new design,” Taft said. “Just out. It used to come with just two touch pads, but now it comes with five.”

 “What?” The other man extended the word with wonder.

Taft strapped the slim controller around his wrist. He met Brooks’s eyes with a hot grin, approaching her with his fingers restlessly clenching and extending. She held her plump lower lip between her teeth.

“Each pad has three levels of intensity.” Taft laid the tips of his gently vibrating fingers against Brooks’s cheek. “All controllable at the touch of a finger.” He drew them down her jaw and thrilled at the way her eyes went glassy. “The company is coming out with an attachable palm pad,” he murmured, dragging his fingers down her neck, her chest, “that I could find a hundred ways to use.”

Taft almost thought Brooks was going to let him slide his fingers over her breast when she turned away.
“Let’s give Cesar and Victor one to try out,” she said, her voice high and breathless. “I’m sure their…wives or girlfriends or…significant others…would appreciate the surprise.” She grabbed two boxes off the shelf and pushed them into the men’s hands. “So great to meet you both. We’ll be sure to stop in at Fumar and say hello when we get a chance. Walker’s birthday is coming up, and he loves fine cigars. Maybe I can place an order through your store.”

“We’re a members-only—” Victor started.

“But for you, señorita,” Cesar cut in, “I’m sure we can make an exception.” He held up the box with a nod to both Brooks and Taft. “Until then, welcome to the neighborhood.”

Brooks followed the men to the door, locked it behind them, and waved through the window. Taft also followed. He switched off the front lights so only one shone toward the back of the store. Brooks jumped and gasped as she turned.

He slid one arm around her waist, the hand with the vibrators still attached and shivering, beneath her hair and against her neck, and held her gaze. “What just happened?”

TWO lucky winners will each receive a $100.00 Amazon gift card at the end of the tour. 


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"When Meredith is stood up by another blind date, she hooks up with sexy coworker Sam at the local bar. She’s drooled over Sam for months, but getting to know him better in a back booth makes her wish guys like him want to stick around.

Sam’s been attracted to Meredith’s lush curves, bright-green eyes and throaty laugh ever since he met her. Sharing drinks, bad-date stories and sexy innuendo makes him like her even more. But her lousy one-night stands have convinced her she’s not worth a second glance. 

Spankings and a little bondage just might help the voluptuous Meredith understand that not only can they share adventurous sex and pizza at midnight, but a future together as well."

VoluptuousBuy Links - Pre-order now - Voluptuous releases 9/6


Delightful shivers danced along her skin and she leaned in close, placed her hand on his shoulder. “Okay. What are we doing here?”

He leaned in even closer. “Getting to know each other a little better?”

The scent of spicy musk reached her over the smells of booze and perfume, and she took a big whiff. “Are you hitting on me, Sam?”

“I’d hoped the hitting on was mutual.”

It was hard to resist a guy who made her laugh. Especially a hot guy who made her laugh and squirm on her seat. But from prior experience, she knew a hot guy like Sam wouldn’t want her for more than a one-night stand. “We have to see each other at work.” Life could get awkward fast.

“I know.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Those guys are leaving. Want to grab that booth?”


He laughed, grabbed her arm and snagged the back booth before anyone else noticed it was free. She scooted onto the bench seat and instead of taking the seat on the opposite side of the table, Sam slid in beside her. Between the two of them—one big and tall, one big and wide—they took up most of the space.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Sam said softly. “We can talk without shouting across the table and besides, now I can do this without drawing too much attention.” He placed his hand on her knee, then began to slide it slowly up her bare thigh until he reached the edge of her dress. Her pussy quivered in anticipation and he wasn’t even close to her center.

Two could play that game. Meredith put her hand on his thigh. It was so hot and hard. But his leg was covered by fabric and that was so not fair.

Her mind was whirling with the implications of what was happening here tonight. She’d been stood up by one guy but now was getting up close and personal with a coworker. A totally hot coworker who at this moment was sneaking his fingers underneath her dress. She slid her hand up at little closer to his groin.

“It’s your turn,” she said, her voice a little breathless.

His slow slide up her thigh stopped and he gently squeezed her flesh. “My turn?”

She settled in closer, shoulders touching, thighs rubbing, hands a little hungry for more. “For another bad-date story. Surely there was someone worse than the greedy woman who just wanted you to buy her food for the next week.”

Sam smiled and resumed his voyage beneath her dress. The waves of arousal swimming through her system grew larger and more insistent. She was glad she hadn’t worn a tight dress. The waitress came and they ordered another round of drinks. This would have to be her last one, and then she’d have to get some food in her stomach. Her head was whirling slightly but it was more from the man beside her and the intimate way he was touching her.

Meredith shifted in the much more comfortable seat, dropping her leg slightly to give him better access. She barely worried about what he thought about her fleshy thigh. The liquor had apparently done a good job of lowering her inhibitions.

“There was the woman who took her cat with us on our date,” he said. “The furry thing was curled up in her lap the entire time. She petted it and talked to it for the entire drive down the coast. I might as well have been their chauffeur. ”

“Maybe she was afraid you were going to try to get in her lap and she wanted protection.” She laughed louder when the thought hit her. “Ha! She was petting her pussy so you couldn’t.”

Sam joined in her laughter. His fingers had made it to the edge of her panties. Any worries she had about her thick thighs went flying from her mind when he skimmed a finger down the wet center.


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