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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"Spencer Lewis is famous for being the premier conditioned ‘locator.’ There's no one he can't find and he has a soft spot for missing children. But, Spencer has been through a trauma and locating Jeremy Wade may be dangerous both to himself and to those around him. In addition, he takes one look at ice cold Addison Wade and wants nothing more than to knock her down a peg."

Author: Rebecca Royce
Pages: 253 pages
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: March, 2011
Form: E-book ( from the author for an honest review)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Conditioned #1
Amazon: Buy / $10.34 (Kindle) ( EU price, click to see US price )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $6.99 (Nook)
Decadent Publishing: Buy / $5.99 (E-book)
Excerpt: First meeting...

Addison has been keeping a secret since she's been 3, she has psychic powers, and because of a Law made in the 70's taking gifted children and locking them up in institutions, she's been forced to keep it locked up inside. But now her nephew is gone and the only people left to help her are the other gifted in the institutions.

Spencer does not like the Wade family, mainly 'cause they sit on the committee that decides the fates of the gifted, ribbing them off their human rights, treating them like animals, so when Addison Wade comes in to ask for help he can't seem to help himself and agrees to find her nephew Jeremy, even if he needs to battle the attraction he feels for her.

Before they know it they are knee deep in betrayal, secrets and having to chase any little trace they can find on Jeremy.

I liked this book, it was very good! The plot was intriguing having a great urban fantasy feel in it, the treatment of Conditioned or as they so nicely put it demon spawns, is horrible, yet I can see humanity actually being capable of that in the 70's though this has leaked to 2000 and it seems so wrong - which is what the author aims for. Humanity is capable of a lot of horror, and this takes a great what if look at it!

The characters are great Addison is cool, collecting and aloof and hides all her inner emotions under a mask of spoiled rich girl. Spencer is rough, powerful and has inquisitive side that wants to figure Addison out, he's tough on the outside but has a soft core and it breaks the heart to see him hurt. They both fight the attraction between them ( which is always so delicious! ) knowing they can never be together, it'll never work, no matter how much they want it to.

I liked the cover it gives that cool, dark feel that the book is all about and it portraits Addison so well, definitely spot on advertisement!

Royce writing is flowing easy, and reading it is entertaining, something missing were the dialogue, it needed that little bit more authenticity towards reacting to one another like people do in real life, but that didn't bother me too much. This book is a really good read, not sizzling hot, more in the ball park between sweet and hot. Gorgeous building of a world I have to say! I know I said it at the top but such a fun, eerie, dark world she created, loved it, loved the struggles, the injustice and the people stuck on both sides of that world!

You'll love this if... you like your worlds spoiled, unjust and want your leads to make a difference, if you want romance that should never be and if you like your hero as bit of a bad boy.

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