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Friday, September 2, 2011


Author: Stephanie Chong
Pages: 368 pages
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Published: August 23rd, 2011
Form: E-book (Review Copy from NetGalley)
Series: The Company of Angels #1
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Adlibris: Buy

Julian, Archdemon residing in Los Angeles runs the hottest clubs in the country his way of sending souls to hell through bribe, lust and death, and the mix of all three. Devilishly handsome, tall and dark he's the opposite of Serena - and you know what they say of opposites, they attract.

Serena, innocent angel in her first year in earning her wings is sent to guard Nick, a Hollywood bad boy, this is how she ends up in one of Julian's nightclubs and is soon battling off Julian's advances, threats and bribery. See Julian wants her, badly, and a demon doesn't take no for an answer.

After series of events of wooing the angel in vain, finally some blackmailing works and Julian sets up a contract that she will spend a week with him in Vegas where his new club is to open the coming week. He has a week to get Serena into bed, but week is a long time and there is fear that Julian might begin to feel more than lust for Serena - and Serena might fall from grace being so close to Julian, who seems to be just a little more than a demon...

Ah! This book, gorgeous debut! Chong writes beautifully, you can hear old classics like Earth Angel and Can't help falling in love, while you read the scenes where Julian takes her hand and takes her to the dance floor of the empty club. The story is achingly sweet with delicious scenes where Serena keeps dodging Julian's advances while they move around in Las Vegas.

This book has freshness of a new story but the golden shimmer of ol’ Sin City glamour.

Julian is so bad for her, but so right for her, it's wonderful, heartbreaking to read. Serena is so innocent it's almost sacrilege that he wants her, but then again you so want her to give in a little just to feel his light touch on her skin even once.

The end of the book - I loved it you can tell the author knows few things about spirituality, she studied yoga for years before making Serena a yoga instructor, and some eastern wisdom stuck. I loved reading the end as much as the whole book in total!

The music below sets the mood of this book to the t, especially Earth Angel and Unchained Melody... which I cannot stop listening to now, I just keep recycling these songs below on an endless loop to hold on to the feeling of the book.

Music : Goes well with Chuck Berry's Earth Angel / Elvis' Can't help falling in love / Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody / Nat King Cole's Smile and Love - Especially after they arrive in Las Vegas...
Rating :

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