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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Author: Anthony Francis
Pages: 284 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Published: March 1st, 2010
Form: E-Book (review copy through NetGalley)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Amazon: Buy
Adlibris: Buy

L5P. That's Little Five Point, a place that tolarates the supernatural but also home to Dakota Frost a tattoo artist. But not just any tattoo artist, Dakota is magical tattoo artist, meaning she can ink you with charms and symbols that have magical properties.

Life isn't dull for Dakota at the moment, she catches the interest of a werewolf who is looking for a artist to tattoo a binding ward on him to help him control his wolf at full moons, she also needs to go for help from her ex-girlfriend turned vampire with a submissive streak... and it just so happens that a famous illusionist is challenging her to see if she's a fake and if tattoo magic is real on his TV show. Not to mention a very young weretiger girl that tags along after one memorable Halloween party, well perhaps party is not a word she'd use... But no, that's not nearly all.

There is killer about and the police and FBI seek Dakota to help identify a tattood piece of skin and help them catch the killer who ribs it's victims to pieces at full moons. Lending a hand to FBI agent turns out isn't that bad but the more she thinks about it the more it seems to hit home with her werewolf client, is she right to suspect him or is there something more sadistic around.
   "I first started wearing a Mohawk to repel low-lifes - barflies, vampires, Republicans, and so on - but when I found my true profession it turned into an ad. People’s eyes are drawn by my hair - no longer a true Mohawk, but a big, unruly “deathhawk,” a stripe of feathered black, purple and white streaks climbing down the center of my head - but their gaze lingers on the tattoos, which start as tribal vines in the shaved spaces on either side of the ’hawk and then cascade down my throat to my shoulders, flowering into roses and jewels and butterflies.
   Their colors are so vivid, their details so sharp many people mistake them for body paint, or assume that they can’t have been done in the States. Yes, they’re real; no, they’re not Japanese - they’re all, with a few exceptions, done by my own hand, right here in Atlanta at the Rogue Unicorn in Little Five Points. Drop by - I’ll ink you. Ask for Dakota Frost."

Thrilling writing, a real urban fantasy feel with a heroine who's not to belittled by anyone, seriously she's over six foot tall... Francis writes beautifully and draws out a world of shifters, vampires, tattoo artists and their clients, while death stalks closer with the next Full Moon.

Fun, witty, sarcastic and grimly colorful Frost Moon is for the fans of the nightlife where more is alive than meets the naked eye! Dakota is wonderful, this girl appreciate the beauty of both sexes without going romance, has a snarky attitude and a deathhawk to go with it, and tattooed to no end. She a heroine like I've never met before and I love her!

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