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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Author: Sondrae Bennett
Pages: 72 pages
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Published: January, 2011
Form: E-book (review copy from the publisher)
Series: Alpine Woods Shifters#1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Lyrical Press: Buy / $3.50

That is so bad! Horrible! Cruel! Why is this book so short! Seriously, it's the only bad thing I have to say about it!

Samantha, a fox-shifter, cast out from her skulk in Alaska has been touring a states trying to find jobs, staying short whiles in different places - coming in to this diner wasn't going to be different.

Jason only needed one scent of her and his hands were tied, and his heart with it, the terrified, beaten down little fox captured him immediately, and he has no plans to let her just pass by. As scared as she is of practically everything it's going to take time and a good plan to show the woman that she belong in his pack of wolves - with him - forever.
   “I’m not worried you’re going to cause trouble,” he all but growled out.
   Staring up into his eyes, altered from their mossy green color to a pale yellow that practically glowed, Samantha felt heat flood her core.
   “Then what are you worried about?” Samantha whispered, gripping his forearms. He didn’t answer, but his gaze lowered to her lips and he growled again, low and deep. From her position, pushed up against the car by his hard chest, Samantha didn’t hear the rumble so much as she felt it reverberate against her. With the car behind her and the equally unyielding chest in front of her, Samantha felt an unfamiliar spike in her desire as she realized there was no escape. She didn’t want one. She had no thoughts of running away from this man.
I loved Jason from the first sentence, I love male characters that know what they want and take it with no crap about it. Jason wants Samantha, and he's tap dancing around just how badly he wants her so she won't freakout and bolt.

And I loved Samantha! There is a little bit of me in her that just made me love the book, love her character, she's a woman who needs a man who knows how to get her past her Past. It's not easy to be not accepted by your community/skulk and sometimes only thing that can bring you out of it is love, and erm... in this novella a really good turn in the sheets. ;)

Absolutely worth reading! This is going to be another favourite shifter story of mine! And luckily there is atleast one more "Chasing Paradise" out now and one coming soon!
Little update on this from the author! The newest "Wolf Within" is to come out July 2012!

Sexy, tempting and lovable love story!

Rating :

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