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Sunday, September 29, 2013


The Pros and Cons of Being Casanova
by Oliver Pearl

        There are no cons in being a Casanova.

        To be one is to see women in a special light, treat them with exceptional poetry albeit composed exclusively to deprive them of their volition. Not many men are fit for such undertaking. Those who are, are gifted troubadours women submit to in search of romance and remember for the rest of their otherwise prosaic lives. 

        Casanovas are witty, charming, at times coy but always warm and never boring. Like Batman, Casanova roams the night but saves the day.

"Then like a home-ridden werewolf, I would call in my preys. They were usually women slightly closer to my age. We smoked pot and drank vodka with cranberry juice. Sex was full of a kind of garish physicality I did not allow myself with Misha, who inspired only tenderness, only tenderness. With a few very unhappy exceptions, they were all single women because of my newly developed respect for my fellow man, and also because of the level of stress he lived under in this country that made it easy to overreact and start shooting over such a simple matter as catching a wife in bed with another. Some of my midnight guests fell in love with me despite and because of the dictatorial aggression I displayed toward them, and which, I heard, was stirring up a small circle of publicity, popularity and occasionally fear. I was living the polygamous life of a man who was happily in love. Guilt keeps love alive. Monogamy is possible when you have somebody on the side. If there are exemplary couples out there, look for unknown heroes under their beds – they are vents for frustration and boredom the very word “marriage” makes your face exude when you say it. If the spouse is unhappy – worry, if she is happy – worry even more."

ABOUT The Last Gentle Dentist by Oliver Pearl

Based on actual events, spanning continents from San Francisco to Paris, from Amsterdam to Odessa, from New York to Siberia, The Last Gentle Dentist is a novel about a modern age Casanova, a romantic-vigilante, who is fond of pain medications and elective plastic surgery, whose life is a tumultuous river running with the speed of a putrid pond, which makes an unexpected turn when he goes on the run from the law due to charges of medical fraud. He wanders the streets of Europe looking for ways to stay. This search throws him into bony arms and narrow beds of people he meets, fugitives in their own right, only to bring to a new light his own immaturity and unscrupulousness he only yesterday called boyishness and charm. He revisits his recent past, ornate with Vicodin fountains and Ecstasy-laced threesome fender-benders, while adding more crumpled and soon blood-stained pages to his love affair with Life.

Oliver is giving away prizes, including an e-copy of his book at each blog stop on his tour AND two Grand Prize Giveaways of a $50 Amazon gift card OR a signed hardback copy of his book.

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Oliver Pearl
Age : Early Forties
Place Of Birth : At Sea
Physical Description : Reclusive, yet to be seen
Residence : South of France


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