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Friday, September 20, 2013


Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Ms. Leon, I’m glad you could make it!

Katalina Leon : Thank you for hosting me.

Niina : Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 4 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Katalina Leon :
1) My favorite mythical creature is a griffin.
2) When I was about three or four years old, the first griffin I fell in love with was an illustration in a Child’s Craft book that showed a beautiful starry, griffin lapping cream off the Milky Way. To this day I can’t look at a full moon without expecting to see that griffin.
3) I have a casting of a griffin on my writing desk.
4) The griffin was an anniversary gift from my husband as a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. You can’t beat that.

Niina : Tell us little about your novel Lord Griffin's Prize, what’s it about?

Katalina : Lord Griffin’s Prize is part of a multi-author book series from Ellora’s Cave—Emerald Isle Fantasies. My story is about an Irish war chief trapped under an enchantment. For seven hundred years Ronan O’Griofa has protected Castle Tullamore and it’s inhabitants as a resident griffin and he longs to experience life again as a man. His chance comes when the reborn soul of his long lost wife Maeve, shows up at the castle to do a little genealogy.

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Katalina : I loved chapter two when Maeve is jet-lagged, sleepy and already quite smitten with a handsome portrait of Lord O’Griofa that is hanging above the castles griffin bed. She climbs under the covers and gets a very tender and erotic visit from a lonely phantom lover who materials beside her in the bed.

Niina : What character did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Katalina : I fell in love with both Ronan and Maeve, but I really loved writing a nasty little villain named Aodhan de’Burgo. He was a horrible man and lots of fun to write.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Who is your current alpha hero crush?

Katalina : Mister Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre is always high on my list of gallant liars and schemers and men I wouldn’t say no to. Vin Diesel as Riddick would be dirty dog fun too.

Niina : What is your signature dish?

Katalina : I love to cook. The day I did this interview was so hot, I’d have to say chopped salad with everything in it. A current favorite is Romaine lettuce, spinach, Greek olives, shredded carrots, salami or turkey, walnuts, feta cheese and green apples. Everything gets chopped and tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and a little balsamic vinegar.

Niina : Which Disney Prince would you pick if you had to choose?

Katalina : Disney’s Hercules is pretty princely isn’t he?

Niina : If your book were made into a movie who would you cast as the leads?

Katalina : Wouldn’t I love Lord Griffin’s Prize to become a movie! I had photos of a young Sean Connery, Clive Owen as King Arthur on my desktop when I was writing. I pictured Evangeline Lilly as Maeve with dark hair and freckles.

Niina : Before we finish, here are some...

Quick Fire Questions!

Trees or Shops? Were bookshops an option?
Football or Nascar? Formula One
Boots or Sexy heels? Sexy boots
Shots or Wine? Shots of chocolate infused wine please
Movie: Popcorn or Hard candy? Buttered popcorn
Date: Going on a picnic or Going to a winery? a picnic with wine
Scarier: Ghosts or Demons? A freaking demon would be a lot scarier
Men: Alpha-male or Sexy nerds? Alpha in charge please
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Bad boys turned good
Dresses or pant suits? Elegant pantsuit with killer shoes
Men in the bedroom: Dominating or Gentle? Dominate me gently
Sexier: Man who can sing or man who can cook? Or sings while he chops my salad
Romance: Knights or Kings? A Knight in service to his lady please
Romance: Fallen Angels or Sexy Demons? A dark brooding fallen angel, eager to redeem himself
Romance: Doctors or Cowboys? How about a country veterinarian that way I get both.
Romance: Shifters or Vampires? No way will I be pressured into choosing between these two hotties, Nope. It’s not going to happen.
Sexier: Kisses or Licks? Sweet, slow kisses
Sexier : A guy holding your hand or touching your hair? Stroking your hair and pulling you into a kiss
Sexier : Flimsy lingerie or Trench-coat only? Flimsy lingerie that gets thrashed and tossed on the floor
Romance or Erotic Romance? Erotic and romance travel together in my mind.

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Katalina! Any news would you like to share with your readers, or websites they can check out?

Katalina : Come visit my beautiful new website at
And check out my new paranormal time-travel romance “Fairy In The Flesh” from Ellora’s Cave Publishing!

"Maya Rousseau’s fantasy vacation in Avignon France heats up when an eccentric enchantress tricks her into drinking mojo-laced absinthe.

An unexpected encounter with the green fairy causes Maya’s reality to have a serious melt down. She travels back in time and wakes up naked in the bed of her favorite bad boy Bohemian artist, the tall, dark and mysterious André Bosco. There’s nothing wrong with that except it’s 1903.

For André it’s love at first sight. He begs Maya to become his cherished model, muse and lover. The chemistry and shared passion between them is overwhelming. André’s a generous-hearted dream man but there’s a catch. Every hour they spend together bonds them tighter and time is running out. The same powers that flung Maya back to 1903 are preparing to snatch her back.

With a hundred and ten years separating these soul-bound lovers it’s uncertain if they can find a happy ending without the help of a little magic and La Fée Verte."

Note: Story contains super hot sex with an unattainable man, enchanted hallucinatory beverages, mischievous time-twisters and green fairies.

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