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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Breath-of-Heaven (1)When is a Hero Book Boyfriend material?
by Cindy Holby

Rhys DeRemy. I have to admit of all the heroes I've written he is one of my favorites. Why? Because beneath his bad boy exterior is a man who just wants to be loved. Rhys has never known love. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by a grandmother who was forced into marriage when all she wanted to do was be a nun. He doesn't know about matters of the heart, yet he knows something is missing in his life.

I know every girl has had fantasies about taming the bad boy. Because the only way the bad boy can be tamed is with love. And even though Rhys’s marriage to Eliane is forced on him, there is something about her that touches his heart in a way that he never dared hope for. He falls for her and hard, but because he has never experienced love he doesn't know how to act.

But what makes Eliane fall for Rhys? She’s been sheltered her entire life. She’s never been around a man like Rhys. And even though he doesn't know love, he does know honor. Her father saved his life and when he asks him to marry his daughter to protect her he does, without hesitation. She also sees his relationship with Mathias, his squire, she sees how much he cares for the boy, even though he threatens to beat him every day.

It’s easy to fall in love with every hero I write. Just like it’s easy to put myself in every heroine’s position. And since I can control the story, I give them the qualities and the reactions I would want if it were me. The same thing happens when we read stories. We become the people and experience their journey. Why wouldn't we fall in love with the hero under these circumstances?

"A knight who has known honor but never love and a mysterious huntress with a closely guarded secret share an arranged marriage with a surprisingly sensual consummation—and a fantastic adventure beyond imagination.

She appeared from nowhere in form-fitting leather, enchanting as the mysterious woods around her. Those dazzling emerald eyes were a challenge, daring the intruder to enter her magic realm.

Tormented boy becomes a battle-hardened warrior, Rhys DeRemy owed unswerving obedience to his king—and now he owed another man his life. If he took the heiress of Aubregate to wife, he could ease the debts of past and present. And Eliane drew him as a candle draws a moth. Her fiery nature ensorcelled him, her silken bed promised…A BREATH OF HEAVEN."

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