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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Niina : Welcome to For The Love of ReadingMs. Knight, I’m glad you could make it! You’re absolutely one of my favorite authors so it’s great to have you come over!

Angela Knight : I'm honored! That really means a lot to me. ;)

Niina : Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 5 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Angela : I am a huge comic book geek. I actually got my start in comics.

In fact, JANE'S WARLORD was heavily influenced by my first comic, CYCOPS, which was the story of people with computer implants in their brains.

CYCOPS was published in 1988, before home computers were common.

MASTER OF WOLVES and MASTER OF THE MOON were born in 2002 when as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed a cop who was a drug dog handler. As I was talking to the man, I thought, "What if the dog was a werewolf?

The hero of MASTER OF FIRE is based on my husband's best friend, who is a forensic chemist, arson investigator, and bomb tech, as well as a cop. He let me follow him around for a week learning about how to do drug testing, arson investigation, and bomb disposal. He also helped me figure out how my villains would have created the nasty bombs they used.

Niina : I'm bit of comic geeks myself. ;) Also getting to follow a cop around for a week, must have a been a blast! Alright calming down... Tell us little about your books, what kind of stories do you write?

Angela : I write paranormal erotic romance, including the MAGEVERSE series, in which King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are immortal vampires still alive today, and are working to keep humanity from committing mass suicide. Then there's the THE TIME HUNTERS, a trilogy in which cops from the future work to protect people from time traveling criminals. TIME HUNTERS ended with the publication of the final book, ENFORCER, as part of an anthology called UNBOUND. I had planned to end the Mageverse too, but I've changed my mind. I intend to go on putting out a series of one shot novels. The next one will be out next April; it's the story of Gwen and Arthur, and how he became a vampire and she became a witch. It will be in a book called WICKED GAMES, which will be three very erotic BDSM stories, all of them by me.

Niina : Sounds so drool worthy, and the ones I've read have been! You know how to write them hot girl! What made you want to write Romance though?

Angela : I write romance because I have always read it. I just love watching two people struggle to find their happily ever after, despite whatever stands in their way--including each other.

Niina : And that is why I love to read them too. What does it take to write a really hot love scene?

Angela : I like to listen to music, but I also have a lot of research books-- with PICTURES! ;p

Niina : LOL! Pictures of hotties are always helpful. ;) What makes a hero sexy?

Angela : He has to be gorgeous, of course, but he must also be a heroic person who wants to protect the heroine from anyone who wants to hurt her. But at the same time, he can be just a littttttle sexually menacing and dominant when it comes to the heroine, but ONLY if he knows that secretly turns her on.

Niina : Turns me on... ahem, I mean... What’s the best compliment you've received on your writing? And who complimented you?

Angela : A young woman told me that her infant daughter had been in the hospital with a heart valve problem. She said ready my books helped her forget her fears, if only for a little while, and stay sane. I can't tell you how honored I felt, or how thrilled I was. It meant more to me than she will ever know.

Niina : I can only imagine, romance author's have helped a lot of people in more ways that can be said, they get way too little credit for it though. So what are you working on right now? Can you give us a sneak peak? Pretty please?

Angela : Here's a sample of THE ONCE AND FUTURE LOVER, again coming in April as part of WICKED GAMES. This is right after Arthur drinks from Merlin's Grail and becomes a vampire, which is why he looks so young. But his mind won't fully reawaken until he drinks enough blood, which Gwen must give him.

      "Despite the lamp she held, the room was dark as a crypt after the torch-lit balustrade. Gwen fumbled to attach the lamp to the chain that hung from the ceiling.

      When she turned around, Mordred loomed over her like a wall of muscle. Gwen froze in wide-eyed horror, unable to breathe, much less scream.

      Arthur, she realized a moment later, and felt her heart lurch back into rhythm. It’s Arthur!

      His eyes were dark, not Mordred’s icy green. He didn’t look quite as young as his son, but he could have been an older brother. “Christ’s wounds, Arthur, you frightened me witless!”

      He stepped against her, forcing her to retreat until her back hit the wall. Leaning down, he sucked in a deep huffing breath, as if scenting her.

      “You’re scaring me.” Gwen struggled to regain control of her rising voice. “Give me a little room, please.”

      He didn't react, still breathing deeply bare inches from her throat. She planted both palms against his chest and shoved. “Step back, Arthur!”

      He caught her wrists and lifted them over her head. Gathering both hands in one of his, he pinned her against the cool plaster and leaned against her.

      Gwen once had a horse she was grooming pin her by shifting his weight, trapping her between his shoulder and the stable wall. The animal hadn’t applied any real pressure, but she’d found she couldn’t move him no matter how she pushed and struggled. Point made, the gelding finally stepped aside and let her go.

      Arthur’s hold felt exactly like that. Not tight enough to hurt, but completely inescapable. He watched her, his expression patient, while she strained against his warm, immoveable strength. “Arthur, dammit, let me…”

      “My Queen?” Lancelot called through the door. “Do you need help?"

      Arthur tensed and lifted his head, glaring toward the door. His lips peeled off his teeth.

      Two of them were fangs.

      “My Queen? Are you all right?”

      “I’m fine, Lance! He’s not hurting me, he’s just irritating the hell out of me. It’s not the first time, and I assure you it won’t be the last. Quit listening at the door before you hear something that will embarrass you as much as it does us.”

      There was a long, uncomfortable silence. “Excuse me, my Queen. I was but concerned. You sound…breathless.”

      “Breathless or not, I’m in no danger.” I hope. She had never been so intensely aware of her husband’s size and strength, especially compared to her own far more delicate body. Was he actually bigger than he had been two days before, if not in height, then in sheer muscular breadth?

      He looked down at her, his black stare hungry as he bared those fangs again. “Mine.”

      Gwen actually felt the word rumble from his chest to hers. “Yes, my King. Yours. Still. Always.”

      His snarl became a smile, sensual and hot. Gwen knew that smile. That was Arthur."

Niina : Yummy! :D Now to more personal questions! I you could only read 5 romance novels for the rest of your life what would they be, and why?

Angela : Naked in Death ( because I love Roarke and Eve ); JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, because I adore her vampire brothers.

Niina : I love Roarke and Eve too! As well as BDB, what awesome taste you have. ;) Now, what's a typical day like for you?

Angela : Get up and start writing. I try to write 10 pages of fresh copy every day, though I sometimes get stuck.

Niina : What is your signature dish?

Angela : Lasagne.

Niina : Is there a natural wonder of the world you would like to visit?

Angela : The Coliseum.

Niina : What’s your “normal” make-up routine?

Angela : Clinique ivory base with rosé blush and lipstick and eyeshadow in earth tones.

Niina : Which Disney Prince would you pick if you had to choose?

Angela : Sleeping Beauty's. He had a sense of humor.

Niina : And then something a little racier! How many times a day does a romance author think of sex?

Angela : 20.

Niina : LOL! Very precise. ;) What’s the sexiest article of clothing on a guy?

Angela : Tight faded jeans.

Niina : If I was a man for a day I would…

Angela : Masturbate, in order to find out what a male climax feels like. The better to be able to describe it, of course.

Niina : LOL! Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions:

Trees or Shops? Bookshops
Football or Nascar? Football.
Boots or Sexy heels? Boots
Shots or Wine? Wine
Movie: Popcorn or Hard candy? Popcorn
Date: Going on a picnic or Going to a winery? Picnic
Scarier: Ghosts or Demons? Demons.
Men: Alpha-male or Sexy nerds? Alpha males
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Bad boys
Dresses or pant suits? Dresses
Men in the bedroom: Dominating or Gentle? Dominating
Sexier: Man who can sing or man who can cook? Man who can sing
Romance: Knights or Kings? Knights
Romance: Fallen Angels or Sexy Demons? Sexy demons.
Romance: Doctors or Cowboys? Cowboys.
Romance: Shifters or Vampires? Vampires
Sexier: Kisses or Licks? Licks
Sexier : A guy holding your hand or touching your hair? Touching my hair
Sexier : Flimsy lingerie or Trench-coat only? Lingerie
Romance or Erotic Romance? Erotic romance.

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Angela!

You can find Ms. Angela Knight at

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