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Sunday, May 26, 2013


"You might assume that a supermodel would be stuck up and preaching her diet tips but that is not at all what Sarah Deanne does. It was a joy to read her! 'Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a supermodel? To feel confident, beautiful, and empowered? That’s what Supermodel YOU is all about.' "

Author: Sarah DeAnna
Pages: 129 pages
Publisher: HayHouse Inc. on April 2013
Form: E-book (from NetGalley for an honest review)
Genre: Non-Fiction
Amazon: Buy / $10.69 (Kindle)EU price, click to see yours )
Barnes & Noble: Buy / $10.36 (Nook)

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a supermodel? To feel confident, beautiful, and empowered? 
That’s what Supermodel YOU is all about. International model Sarah DeAnna teaches you the shockingly healthy habits that models use to maximize their amazing bodies, iconic faces, and confident attitudes.

You’ll learn the Five Keys to channeling your inner supermodel as you discover how models really eat, dress, exercise, sleep, de-stress, travel, and stay gorgeous no matter what. As you adopt a supermodel mind-set, life will get easier, more glamorous, sexier, and a lot more fun. 

Supermodel YOU is not about looking like a "model," but about feeling as self-assured and awesome as models feel and embracing the most beautiful, healthy, empowered version of yourself. So forget about diets and crazy exercise regimens, drop the self-loathing and low self-esteem . . . and get ready to walk the runway of your life!"  ~ From Goodreads

You might be asking yourself, why is this book reviewed here? Well I happen to love confident heroines in Paranormal Romance, Contemporary or Romantic Suspense not to mention they are hot and sexy - as I am none of those thing ;) I though this read like a heroine manual. How To Be A Stunning Romance HeroineYou might assume that a supermodel would be stuck up and preaching her diet tips, but that is not at all what Sarah Deanne does. It was a joy to read her book!

"Supermodel YOU is not about looking like a "model," but about feeling as 
self-assured and awesome as models feel and embracing the most beautiful, 
healthy, empowered version of yourself."

It seems that is exactly what all the strong heroins are like best versions of themselves with all the oddities and weirdness that makes them great! Just picture a female alpha werewolf!

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did! Sarah Deanna has an empowering voice, a great message and an interesting life story. I know I will keep returning to this book to refreshen my knowledge when I feel down or ugly or beaten. Because she's making it sound easy and trust me just standing straight really has quite the effect.

I think you'll enjoy this video! You'll hear her background stories and about the Five Keys.

Rating :

Supermodel YOU’s publish date on April 1st comes at a time where women are looking to feel better, lose the winter pounds and become more empowered. The Spring season is about re-birth and growth, and that is what Sarah DeAnna hopes to share with YOU. Please see some (of many) talking points Sarah DeAnna could discuss. We would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to share Sarah DeAnna’s super-positive message!

1. As new way to weigh: Stop checking the scale and start checking your energy balance! Through research and observation Sarah DeAnna has created the Five Keys that models uphold to maintain and enhance their hot bodies, beautiful faces, and positive attitudes. Here’s what every supermodel citizen (aka YOU!) should live by:
- Self-Awareness
- Beauty Sleep
- De-Stressing
- Modercising
- Intuitive Eating

2. You give models a bad name!: Models are often portrayed as anorexic, hard-partying bimbos who live a glamorous lifestyle… what a JOKE. These myths not only cause low self-esteem in women and young girls, but also encourage them to partake in extremely poor behavior. Sarah DeAnna can de-bunk these model myths and show you how you models really achieve and maintain their figures and self-confidence! 

3. Pavlov’s Dog was probably a Supermodel: Sarah DeAnna will walk you through a day (and night) in the life of a model and the rituals she endures to maintain her health, spirit, and self-esteem. These daily rituals act as triggers that will start to create biochemical and physical reactions in your body, like Pavlov’s drooling dog! 

4. Be on your best supermodel behavior: Studies have found that 80% of women and girls are unhappy 
with their body. This is insane! Your dream life and body is about being the healthiest and happiest version of 
you. When you model supermodel behavior (acting, thinking, and knowing like a model), you start to feel more like the Supermodel that YOU really are! 

5. Get into those skealthy jeans: A lot of Supermodel YOU is about health. This is a big priority for Sarah DeAnna. She recently coined the word skealthy after talking to some people who are experts on weight issues, body-image issues, eating disorders, etc. They were concerned about Sarah DeAnna spreading the message that it’s good to be skinny, and that it can lead girls down an unhealthy path. As a model, she has seen some girls go down that path, and it’s definitely not pretty. Skealthy is even in the Urban Dictionary, check it out!

6. Eat more, exercise less… Say What?: The truth is at the beginning of Sarah DeAnna’s career she was hardly eating and was working out all the time, so she thought she was as skinny as she would ever be. The scary reality was that her body thought it was starving, and when she did finally eat, even if it was merely a bowl of spinach, her body would hold on to whatever it could, not knowing when it would get food again. Hello, fat storage! Sarah DeAnna can offer the healthiest way to eat and exercise without over (or under)-doing it. 

7. Out with the old genes and in with the new: The notion that our genes determine our body, personality, and life is just a crazy belief we’ve all been fed and keep eating. It manifests itself in so many ways, large and small. Sarah DeAnna used to believe that she would always have “thunder thighs,” because that’s what her mother always said. But she was wrong! She doesn’t have thunder thighs anymore, because she took control of her genes, changed her environment, habits and life. Of course, genetics does play a role. It can predispose you to things. It can make you susceptible. But it doesn’t doom you. And if there are traits you can’t change, then change what you can: your attitude about them.

8. Shopping is my cardio: Well with modercising, shopping actually IS your cardio! What is modercising you ask? It’s any and all types of MOVEMENT! Sarah DeAnna can talk about how you can turn fun activities into exercise by using self-awareness- just like models do! Go to the club and dance all night long, take a relaxing stroll through the park, or –you guessed it- go shopping! It’s all modercizing! There are so many physical benefits to movement (increased tone, more muscle mass, and so forth), as are the other great perks, like less stress, improved self-confidence, and so on. You don’t have to exercise at the gym to get enough movement in your life, just like you don’t have give up carbs, meat, or anything else to have a supermodel body. 

9. Spin it to win it: That’s right. Also known as “fake it till you make it.” The great Muhammed Ali once said “I am the greatest. I said that even before I was.” Sarah DeAnna can show you how models handle the judgment and scrutiny they endure on a daily basis. They spin it. Sarah DeAnna can take you on a spin-it challenge where she’ll show you ways to take a negative and turn it into a positive! So the next time you are feeling nervous, stressed, sad or overall just not your best- spin it. 

10. Let me break it down for you: Sarah DeAnna can discuss supermodel tips on anti-aging secrets, mental well-being, overcoming obstacles, fashion tips, skin health, how to make better food choices, exercise tips, etc.! 

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