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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Wolf’s Desire 
by Ambrielle Kirk
Caedmon Wolves series
159 Pages

"When Keira becomes a widow, she realizes that the life she once had wasn’t normal after all. After her husband is brutally murdered, she is more than just alone but vulnerable to threats and tangled in a web of greed. Her decisions lead her into a corner, and safety is jeopardized.

 Aiden, Caedmon Council member, has never failed when it comes to fulfilling the terms of his employment contract. When he is hired to protect an heiress, he doesn't plan on her being the only woman to bring both challenge and purpose in his life. Without hesitation, he vows to keep the grieving Keira safe—even from himself.

 Keira trusts Aiden unconditionally and finds joy whenever they are together, but can love transcend a tragedy? Aiden’s urge to protect her is just as great as his desire to claim her. Once the passion is unleashed and fueled by the need to have all of her, the wolf will accept nothing less than his mate."

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Needing protection an heiress hires a man to make sure she lives through her investigation of her late husband's unorthodox death. Her deceased husband was killed by a wolf and the man she hired, she discovers is one of them, but what she doesn't know is that she's his mate. Ms. Kirk's writing is good, but for some reason I couldn't get into the flow of the book, perhaps it started too mildly for a suspense story for me.

The characters could have been bit more exciting, lively, they were to me bit too mellow for werewolves, and heroine was grief struck even after a year ( I found it too long ), and her inner dialog slowed the story too. What I did like was Keira's strength to carry on and make sure that the man she married, though never took as lover, would be given truth, and her closure. Aiden had the talent and the skills as a bodyguard but his shock of finding his mate and he's denial about it was fun to read. I love a man who doesn't wanna go down with love without a fight. ;)

Maybe I was expecting more vibrant erotic romance as werewolves are animalistic. I'm the first one to point out that at times you want the slower plot and the more mellow characters - but this time this book wasn't a match for me. But I'll rate this by writing skill, plot and cover and forget my over moodiness for a while, at least part of it. ;)

I think PNR genre lovers will most likely enjoy this book, so go check the blurb and the gorgeous cover again and make your own mind. :)

Multi-published author Ambrielle Kirk writes erotic, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. Ambrielle lives in Atlanta, GA where she works in the accounting and finance industry. She holds a Master's Degree in Accounting. Since graduation she's worked in the public and private accounting sectors. She is the wife of a loving husband, and the mother of a beautiful girl. She works and writes full-time. A bestselling author in several sub-genres at ARe and Amazon, she has also earned a 2012 Swirl Award in the paranormal category. She's a member of RWA, FF&P special interest chapter of RWA, and co-founder and treasurer of Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural special interest chapter of RWA. Ambrielle Kirk is also an admin at the blog, IRMC Books.

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