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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"Its finally here!! Time for all of us Naughty Girls, Ghouls, and Guys to come out and celebrate the sheer decadence of being Wicked!! And what better way to celebrate than with a huge giveaway?"

For The Love of Reading just loves all things Wicked, be it erotic romance or a set of handcuffs. ;) This is why we match so perfectly with Wicked After Dark Giveaway Hop! Now I wanted to keep this all about books, so if The Book Depository delivers free to your country you are eligible.

Eligible for what? 

For this awesome Hot and Heavy Paranormal Romance!

       "For centuries, Rydstrom, fallen king of the Rage Demons, has fought to seize his crown, never relenting, until he is tricked into the lair of a exquisite enchantress.
       If she can tempt him to her bed, everything he's worked for will be lost. Sabine the Sorceress of Illusions has long accepted her fate: to seduce a demon king. But once she kisses the brutal warrior, she realizes seduction is far from the punishment she'd feared.
       Yet just when they begin to fall for each other, one will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. Will Sabine give up the only life she knows to save her demon? Or will the proud king lay down his crown and arms to keep his sorceress...?"

"With me, nothing is as it seems. It's usually much, much worse. And then− What do you mean I only get one epigraph? I get as many as I please. Only pre-eviscerated people have ever said things like that to me." 
−Sabine of the Sorceri, Queen of Illusions, anointed princess of Rothkalina

"That sorceress might be an evil bitch, but she's my evil bitch. And I'll have no other."
−Rydstrom Woede, fallen king of Rothkalina

This books as sexy and wicked as they come! A virgin, chained demon king, all kinda naughtiness in a dungeon and a destined mating that will leave take no prisoners except she did and now all hell breaks loose. Read the first 4 Chapters to get your juices flowing. ;)

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