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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hi there! Christmas is on it's way and that is why I'm setting up a little Christmas SALE!

This SALE is All and Only about Christmas Covers! Got a Christmas novella, shorts story or anthology coming up?

Well then, this is a great change to save on the cover and splurge the rest of the money on gifts for the family, friends and lovers. ;)

Wanna hear the prices? Here we go!

Simple Christmas Cover 35$
Classic Christmas Cover 45$
High End Christmas Cover 55$

Sweet, right!?

Wither your Christmas will be white and pure, or red hot I'm your gal on getting a cover done for you!

So contact me: elvenspirit at and we'll get a cover for you, just like you like it! Remember to mention the Christmas Cover Sale!

(P.S: The cover above is a pre-made one and is on sale for 45$!)

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