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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Mix one quiet librarian looking for a good time. A sexy Arab-Greek Sheik in cops clothing signing on to teach her all about sex."

Author: Honey Jans
Pages: 15 pages
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing on May 2012
Form: E-book (from tour for an honest review)
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (+18 Only)
Series: Arrested By Her Sheik - Part 1
Amazon: Buy / $3.49 (Kindle)EU price, click to see yours )
Red Rose Publishing: Buy / $0.99 (E-book)
Excerpt: See below!

"Mix one quiet librarian looking for a good time. A sexy Arab-Greek Sheik in cops clothing signing on to teach her all about sex.

And criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want... namely her dead. And you have Arrested by her Sheik.

I hope you’ll come along on this thrill ride of adventure as Mandy Wilson finds out what it’s like to be Arrested by her Sheik."  ~ Blurb

First time reading a serial! I read parts 1 and 2 back to back, the 1st part started off odd, and I had to check if I was accidently reading part two, but after I got the hang of it Arrested By Her Sheik was fun, flirty and sexy read!

Each part is short only 15 pages but it's fun stuff so it goes quicker too, reading this as novella might be a fun experience but I have to settle for just these two for now.

I liked the little bit of Romantic Suspense in the story, with a lot of the seductive, sexy little matches going on with our couple. Want to try out an erotic romance serial with a little bit of suspense, this is good one to go with.

Rating :

“Oh my god, Mandy Wilson, you are so going to jail for this,” I hissed as I tiptoed up to the decrepit back door of the even more decrepit Greek jail. My first clue of impending disaster should have been the dented door hanging ajar, the second the eerie silence in the alleyway, but I was so determined to clear Marco’s name I breezed forward on my mission. I had to save my would-be gigolo from Nick Constantine, the obnoxious but sexy Greek cop who’d arrested him last night.  

Thankfully the sun was going down and the growing afternoon shadows covered my movements. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a window and winced. I looked as ragged as I felt and even worse excited. I was reluctant to admit that good girl me was getting off on this. My mocha skin was flushed with what I was pretty sure was sunburn, my green eyes were drowsy from a sleepless night tearing ass through the convoluted Greek legal system, and my long wavy dark hair had long ago escaped the bun I’d pulled it in to curl around my overheated face.

  Damn, the jailer would probably take one look at me and call the gendarmes. I wouldn’t have been forced to go to these extremes if Nick had been reasonable last night. But he hadn’t been. Marco was inside, our cruise ship was about to depart, and I was damned well going to get him out. It was my second reckless act since starting this journey of sexual discovery, the first being hooking up with Marco two days ago, and I was going was damned well going to do this.

I touched the door, noticing too late that it seemed to have been kicked in, and winced when it swung open with an audible groan. The groan I bit back was even louder as I froze...double fuck...and waited to be arrested. I couldn’t help imagining Nick coming down on me hard. I shivered with what I was afraid was excitement...

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