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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi all! With only little more than month left of the awesome 40% SALE on my cover designs I thought I'd get the last word out. Are you, or do you know indie authors who need affordable cover designs to boost sales of their novels? Then direct them here. :) For the Giveaway see below the ready made covers!

Due to the new e-book cover size regulations, all covers will be 1600x2400px! The 40% SALE is still on, which means covers for 40$, 50$ and 60$!

"You've written a book, a collection of poems or an anthology of short stories, and now you need a cover!

You've come to the right place! 

How does this work? You email me, I'll send you some follow up questions. You answer them telling me your ideas for the cover, and I work from that, giving you a say in the end product. 

Working together on the cover for your work is fun, and it’s my job to make sure you’ll get a cover that will grab a reader and be the best possible teaser for your book, after all cover is the first thing people see and if it grabs their attention they move on to the blurb.

"EBook Covers: 5 Reasons Paying A Designer Pays Off" by Dave Navarro 

So let’s make a cover for you that will get your book into your readers’ hands!"

Let me tell you a little about the super 40% OFF prices! 

Basic 40$ ( normally 55$ ) 
1 to 2 images, minimal photoshopping and text 
Elaborate 50$ ( normally 70$ ) 
1 to 3 images, detail photoshopping and text )
Supreme 60$ ( normally 90$ ) 
1 to 5 images, detail photoshopping and text 

Here are some ready made covers that are waiting to picked up ( for a special price of 45$ )!

Giveaway time!
We got two prices this time!

1st price! I'm giving away one Cover of choice ready made or custom made to the winner!
If you aren't an author and you win you can pick between a header for your blog or Facebook or Google+ Banner or gift the Cover to an author friend!
2nd Price! A choice of Website Header, Facebook or Google+ Banner!

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